PCT Day 53

Day 53: today we headed as a group back out towards the trail. The plan was to camp at Onion Valley trailhead then begin hiking tomorrow around 3:30am. We tried for quite awhile to get a hitch. It’s always hard with a group so we split up. Finally a nice pastor for a local church grabbed us and took us up to the trail. Unfortunately my brand new never worn sunglasses broke in the van….that’s shitty. It’s what I get for always buying the cheap stuff. Luckily I knew Meg had an extra pair she had found on the trail so I wouldn’t get snow blind on this stretch. It’s a long one, we packed for 12 days. We got to the trail and the guy was so kind, he asked to pray with us and for us. So all together we prayed. We found a campsite right off the parking lot. Crusher and his group were there as well. It was cold as shit but they had a fire going so we hung out for a bit. Then one by one as usual we headed into our tents to sleep before an early rise. It was pretty windy all night unfortunately which never lets me sleep good. But tomorrow is Hefty’s bday and we have a fun surprise for him! Now there are 8 of us me, Meg, Hefty, Stats, Scotty, Emi(Blackbird), Russ(Dad), and Simon (Orien-tator tot). From what we’ve heard nobody has made it through this next section due to river crossings. So we just have to hope that the trail will provide.



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