PCT Day 122

Day 122: Booked it today and did 30 miles by 4pm. At the beginning of the day I passed by the Oregon high point which sits at 7,573 feet. I also passed by Em, Lou, and L-Train eating breakfast at Thielsen Creek. Which is funny because after the Sierras 7,000 feet seems like absolutely nothing. Today was pretty boring just a ton of forest. That gets so boring because there’s nothing to stare at, but you can keep a solid pace. Hikers always talk about how Oregon is so easy. And it is. After the Sierras I can easily hold 3-4mph consistently throughout a 30 mile day. The flat lands help a lot! That is the one perk of Oregon. I wish I would have done a max mile day here just to see what I could hit. Another part of Oregon that isn’t too fun is that a lot of our water sources are coming from stagnant ponds/lakes rather than fresh cold water flowing streams. Luckily, I knew at camp there was a large water cache someone had left for us hikers! So nice to not have to filter. I arrived at camp at 4 walking towards Drum Solo, Dorian, and Pacer. They were staying here but planning to hike some more miles, either further down the trail or on the road towards Shelter Cove. We hung out for quite awhile. They are hysterical I always have so much fun hanging out with them. Drum Solo and Dorian were practicing their fancy juggling skills. Sassofrass showed up a little later, and her and some other hikers were planning to head to Shelter Cove to hang out. A big topic on trail right now is where everyone wants to be for the Eclipse, and fires ahead of us. That have closed even more of the trail. At the water cache there was also first aid, solar chargers/portable chargers for use, and eclipse glasses! Many hikers came and went while I was there. Soon L-Train, Em and Lou, Tim and Freckles, and Dash all showed up. L-Train, Em, and Lou were just hanging to eat before continuing on. I felt super good and honestly wanted to keep hiking when I arrived to camp since it was so early, but there was no point. The biggest bummer about this night is that the campsite was loaded with hikers. I enjoy people and chatting, but smaller groups are more my style, plus it’s more quiet.



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