PCT Day 124

Day 124: Last night at the cabin was nice. It was kind of strange saying good bye to Frank this morning. He was the young SOBO hiker who was in the cabin with me last night. When he was leaving I looked down from the loft and he looked up to me and we just waved good bye. I barely knew him, but for some reason I felt like I was saying goodbye to someone close come. Nobody from my trail family showed up, I’m sure they just stayed and camped at the lake. I enjoyed breakfast with Fire Dick. Making some coffee and eating my last donut from my care package before heading out. It was a great start to the day! On the walk I passed by a SOBO hiker who commented on my smile, which made my day even better. I hiked 30 miles today, listened to music and podcasts for awhile. Again, it was another day of forest walking and passing a ton of lakes and ponds. A majority of the day though I felt….off? Like numb, spiritually not physically. I had no energy, not happy, not sad, just here. It felt like everything around me was at a standstill and I was just moving through it. Wandering aimlessly. I heard very few birds, saw almost no animals. It was like everything around me was almost fake, I feel like I was in a video game. This all started to make me feel more alone and lonelier than I have the entire trail. I just want someone to hold me, to feel something I guess. I got to camp at the lake pretty early. I met a cool guy who is doing a section hike and gave me a couple bags of his trail mix which I was stoked for since I was out of snacks. And all I ever really want to eat is snacks, not even meals. While at the lake I also met Double D and Doc, who had just began but planned to hike from here to Canada. Super cool funny guys. If they wouldn’t have just planted their asses down next to me I would have gladly kept to myself, but In the end I’m so glad they did. It kind of pulled me out of my rut. After chatting for a bit Dash arrived, and we decided to hike just about another mile to be able to have a short walk tomorrow into Elk Lake. So we ended up camping at Horseshoe Lake. During dinner I told Dash about my weird mindset today, and he said it’s because of all the blueberries and huckleberries I’ve been eating. That gave me a good laugh. We made a bet on what time Tim and Freckles would be by. I forget but I think we heard them pass around 9:45-10pm. They had been determined to make it to Elk Lake campground tonight as the trail angels who took care of them in Truckee came up to visit. They ended up making it there crazy late and gave them about a 39 mile day I think.



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