PCT Day 143

Day 143- woke up after a good night of belly laughing and elk mating calls that led me to have decent sleep. Prepared to skip from Chinook Pass to Government Meadows we headed off. It was super Smokey, and there were ashes on my sleeping bag when I got up. Unfortunately, the view was limited but you could tell this would be a pretty cool scenic spot if it were smoke free. I felt like I was in some canyons. I really liked it. We hit the first parking lot and knew we needed to take a side trail down to another road to try for a hitch. It took us a second to find the trail but then we did and we were on our way. The road was pretty fun. There were berries along the way and the road was basically empty. So we took up the whole thing. And also choreographed a dance routine with our trekking poles that we performed. It was awesome. We had to wait quite awhile for a hitch when finally a guy in a truck pulled up to give us on. We stuffed into the back, buffs over our mouths to help with the smoke. When we got to government meadows a fire fighter informed us that they literally just closed the trail from their to Snoqualmie . Really? Sometimes I feel like I. Just want to get off trail and try again a different year when I don’t have to skip so much. So we loaded 2 more hikers into the truck and we headed into the nearby town, Enumquah. My hair has never been so messy in my life. I was sad and pissed and looked like total shit. And regardless first thing we wanted was food and milkshakes. On the way to a cafe we again did some dancing while waiting for the light to let us cross the street. We embarrass ourselves and I like it. We just don’t care. Breakfast was good but we all were pretty bummed and trying to figure out our next steps. Then we had to try and hitch. We decided to split up when a woman offered to take 3 of us in her truck. And really sweet mom who dropped us at a gas station a little ways down. As Dash and L-Train and I were trying to get another hitch Tim and Freckles rode up in there’s and we all stuffed ourselves inside. She was super cool and actually hiked the PCT in 2015 or 16 I don’t remember. Where she dropped Us off we still needed a hitch into North Bend where we planned to stay the night. Dash had wanted to stop here anyways to eat at the cafe from the show Twin Peaks. I end up being over it and just ordered an Uber and then we freakin finally got there. Freckles and Tim chose to get another hitch to Snoqualmie while L-Train, Dash, and I got a hotel room here. The owners were cool. It was a grungy place but perfect. They even brought us over some beers to enjoy. We went to Safeway and got some dinner and a large thing of some delicious ass ice cream. Just snacked and watched movies all night. And this is the only time in Washington that I showered.



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