PCT Day 96

Day 96: I woke up before the rest of the hikers and headed out to start the decent uphill I had in front of me. Not 60 seconds after I started walking I heard some cracking and let tearing noises. I looked to my right and there was a bear! A black bear, but mainly brown in color. It looked like it was just a teenager. Not too big. He was just going about his way tearing bark off of the downed trees enjoying his breakfast. But, being the first bear I’ve seen, it made my adrenaline shoot up. I got up that hill so damn fast because of it. There was plenty of water today. Almost immediately I crossed and walked near multiple creeks. I soon found myself kind of lost. I passed 2 women camping and soon after I saw no trail. It just ended. So I walked back and forth for a bit trying to use my gps but it wouldn’t coordinate. Finally I realized I needed to cross the raging creek next to me. So I scoped it out. I found a log upstream and told the ladies I’d yell back at them if it was safe to cross. And it was. Just a bit awkward. It was a thick log but high up and kept getting higher as you walked on it. I soon found myself back on the trail. Under all the trees. Definitely in a forest! At 8am I took a break at Lower Twin Lakes. I was tired and have heard it’s a killer swim spot so I had to stop. Stripped off my clothes and jumped into the warm water. I swam around about 10 min. Floating in the bath warm water and looking at all the beautiful pines and trees that surrounded the lake. It was so peaceful and totally rejuvenated me. Most of the terrain today was pretty flat so I made killer timing. And good news! I got a couple moments of service and Freckles texted me. They’re one day ahead and going to take a 0 day at Burney Guest Ranch. Which means I’ll be with them tomorrow!!!! I did 27 miles today by 2:30. I took a legit 6 minute lunch break and other than that and the swim I didn’t stop. When I got near Old Station I saw the cutest baby coyote ever. I immediately fell in love. But it wouldn’t come to me and let me pet it 😢. I walked into Old Station and right to the shop to get myself a milkshake. They had so many flavors! I got a mint chocolate one…for now. And a gatorade. And some snacks. After eating it I headed to the local cafe where I intended on ordering some food but then was too full. So I just sat, charged my phone, and read for a couple of hours. Perk of doing so many miles and ending so early, I really don’t have to do much more. I’ve already done a solid day. So I’m going to chill until it cools down then head back out. The rest of today will be very exposed. And tomorrow is Hat Creek Rim, typically about a 30 mile very exposed waterless section. Except for a cow pond, and they put in a new water tank but I’ve heard it’s empty so I’m not relying on that. So the plan is to get up crazy early and hike as much as possible before the heat sets in. I left around 5:30 because I was bored. So I left and soon stopped at the Subway Caves. At first I missed the side trail, then decided to just dump my pack and run to them. They were so dope. According to Guthooks it’s a 1000ft long lava tube formed less than 20,000 years ago. It stays 46 degrees F year round and is pitch black. It was so dope! I continued on super pleased with my day so far. There were a couple of trailheads along the way where I saw the French couple who I’d passed and been passed by a couple of times. They’re super nice. I camped at mile 1382, a total of 35 miles. The site was A beautiful spot, all by myself nuzzled into the trees yet just a few steps away from an opening that allowed me to see the sunset and multiple mountain peaks. Lassen and Shasta I believe. I am totally happy and content tonight. I am in the groove with this stuff now. Everything is just muscle memory. Setting up my tent and sleeping bag. Cooking dinner and keeping all my stuff organized and easy to pack up in the morning. I enjoyed my dinner noticing how filthy I was. It seems that the trail is mainly dirt these days. And it’s showing with my black feet and a couple tints darker of legs than the rest of my body. I love this home of mine ❤️❤️



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