Greece, from beautiful views to new friends!

Having traveled now for over 2 months through the Balkans reaching Greece was such a luxury. Actual salads being sold, more vegetarian options, actual legit supermarkets with real choices of vegetables. It was like a brand new world, yet so familiar. Making me feel closer to home. Our adventure into Greece started truly amazing, as we left it all up to the universe. We stood right past the border with our hitching sign just saying “Anywhere.” We had no idea where we wanted to go, and the guy who picked us up was going to Preveza which ended up being this amazing, cute, and quaint little town along the sea. We spent our time there shopping around, eating good food, watching 10k runs, and hanging by all of the boats ported along the shore. I swam and hung at the beach and got some good runs in each day. After leaving Preveza we had planned to head towards Athens, but got picked up by this super rad guy, who we decided to just stay with as he was going to Lefkada, a cheaper and one of the most beautiful Greek islands. It’s also special because you can just drive to it. We arrived, and as a slight regret we just ate and left. The town seemed somewhat expensive and I think I was personally just slightly over being in beach towns where there’s nothing to do but lay on the beach. So we left, and ended up getting a 5 hour hitch from Philip, an owner of one of the hotels on the island, and his girlfriend Velma. It was such a funny hitch. We were stuffed in the back of their car with his cousin. But overall it was perfect and comfortable! Just quite warm. 

We arrived in Athens to stay just one night in a hostel, from then on we stayed with our first Couchsurfing host, Nenad! And he was perfect. We couldn’t have felt safer or more at home. We came out of this with a new friend! I got to go workout at a local Crossfit gym, which was super fun. We went to Indian food, sushi, outdoor Cinema movie, watched people dance in the park, took evening strolls in the most beautiful area where locals sold handmade jewelry and every restaurant table was only lit by candlelight. It became my favorite part of town, as you could also see the Acropolis glowing behind you. 

Then I spent 3 nights camping on a nearby island, Agistri. It isn’t a well known touristy place which made it super nice. I enjoyed running around it, relaxing on the beach, and getting to sleep in my tent again. I slept better than I have in so long. Just being outside under the stars, the New moon, in my homey and safe tent, made me feel so perfect and cozy. I miss it so much. Beds are nice, but sleeping under the stars always wins in my book. 

But this island is definitely worth checking out! There’s great sandy beaches, a nude beach with really awesome people, kayaks to rent, good food to eat. Just a score! Just if you go camp there please be respectful and clean your stuff up! Otherwise camping there may not continue! 

Overall, Greece so far is my favorite place we have seen. It is so so beautiful, the sea is so blue, the food is so good, the people are so kind! I can’t wait to go back sometime. 


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