Lost tent poles, Stinging Nettles, Moon Kisses, bad Pizza, and a Reunion!

Here we are, spending the night in Trieste, Italy before we begin our trek tomorrow morning to the Via Alpina Red Trail which we will be hiking on until July 1 when we reach the Via Dinarica White Trail, and Stats. It’s been an interesting and stressful journey so far. Delayed red eye flights and sadness from leaving home made the first part a bit rough. I found myself consistently gazing out of the plane window into the moon and stars, my heart filling a little empty. I felt similar when beginning the PCT. It probably took me a good week on the trail for it to even kick in what I was actually doing. I think this is the same. Maybe it’s a coping mechanism. I’m not too sure. But our first flight dropped us at Keflavik airport in Iceland briefly before getting back on our flight to London. After standing in the slowest passport check line ever we finally escaped and went to grab our bags. I grabbed my pack happy to see it there, but after a moment realized my tent poles were missing. Then the freak out kind of began. Plus we were in a rush to catch a bus, so I felt a bit unorganized. I went to the baggage inquiries place and they just told me to go to a website and make a claim, but beforehand to check another belt which contains odd objects. I had high hopes the Universe would be looking out for me and I’d find them there. But it was a no go. We headed out to catch the bus, my attitude was shit, and I was feeling so stressed I couldn’t quite function on what to do. Because there was nothing that I could do. I hate being negative, sad, stressed, and I do all that I can to not live my life that way, so when I was feeling all of those things I got nervous. I’m with another person and I don’t want to impact her experience with my grumpiness. Our host Ralph picked us up from the bus station in a rad old ass jeep and brought us to our home for the next 2 nights. Jilly, our host, was there to greet us with hugs and a smile. They are all so kind. Actually everyone in England is so far, nothing but great experiences. Wiped after basically no sleep we had a super quick dinner before heading off to bed. My stomach felt weird, my heart felt weird, with an urge to cry I just went to sleep. The next morning didn’t start off any better than the night before. I tried to make multiple calls to the airline, the airports, and anyone who may be able to assist me. I couldn’t find documents I needed and the frustration continued to the point I asked if I should just go home because then I wouldn’t have to deal with it. Not that I actually want to, but I knew things would just go back to being easy if I did. I looked online, as well as Meg did, to try and find tents. But there were a couple of problems 1) the cost. The tent I had or any replacement I’d buy would be over $400. 2) I don’t know where to ship it if I did buy it. So after many moments of just saying fuck it I’ll sleep on the ground and just deal with the rain as it comes, followed by incessant research on the internet, emailing and calling companies, only to go back to saying fuck it again. But then Meg found a Sweet deal on a tent nearby. But it couldn’t be delivered until tomorrow, the day after we leave. So I was left short again. But I called the company and asked if they had anything near what I was looking for and luckily they did. So we biked into town following a map by Alphie, Ralph’s 17 year old son, which left us getting stung by a large amount of stinging nettles. All on our hands, legs, and feet. We crossed through green grass, under big trees, on dirt roads leading to beautiful properties, and along hedges and busy roads. And I saw many many feathers along the way, which always let me know I’m on my right path. We arrived to town and hopped on a bus to Harlow, about 1hr 15min, to get my tent. A tent that I’ve never seen, and only know it’s heavier than any tent I’d ever buy, but it’s not horrible and it’s on sale so it’ll do. It’s super beautiful here and even this stress couldn’t take it away. Vast green fields, clear blue skies, old homes and buildings, and cute little cars. It somehow seems different and at the same time like I’m in a similar place as usual. We find ourselves in Harlow and quickly retrieve my tent, definitely quite a bit heavier than I’m used to, and head right back. Dinner was prepared foods from the market, as the Pub lost electricity and wasn’t serving food, and shortly after back to bed. Not much of an exploration day, more like a you have to get shit done day, I guess we will leave the wild and actually fun not stressful explorations for another time. This night ended as I needed. I sat out in the middle of the field with all my crystals under the full moon and got to meditate. Which helped clear my head and heart quite a bit allowing me to get the few hours of sleep possible before waking up at 3:50am to head to the airport. I have legit slept better and this house than I ever have. Jilly was kind enough to wake up super early and take us to the airport. We grabbed our things and headed out, a block out I realized I forgot my water bottle and we had to go back. Which was no issue because the airport was insanely quick. And strange because at first we had to walk through an entire mall just to get to the gate. Where we then had to shuttle to the plane and we got to walk on the lot up the plane stairs. It definitely made me feel like a celebrity, it’s the little things. We had a super easy good flight and got through customs blazing fast with all of our gear accounted for. We then hopped on a bus to Venice where we were meeting Simon. It took just over an hour and when we got there we couldn’t find Simon. After searching for a bit and with no way to contact him, we headed to the train station to find some WiFi to be able to call him. We did and soon we were reunited with our Swedish friend! Venice is not my favorite place. I guess I just don’t get the romanticism of it. I enjoyed walking around the vortex and maze of the city and seeing The buildings which  were beautiful. And it was neat to walk down the narrow pathways and see everything. We went and had some pizza, and I can say I enjoy Tostinos pizza even more than what we got. I hope we just went to a bad place otherwise I’m definitely not impressed. I also realized at this point that I left my favorite crystal necklace in London. I wore it everyday on the PCT.  So apparently I’m just a head case and can’t keep anything organized at the moment. Ugh. 

After a few hours we decided to leave and get on the train for our 2 hour train ride to Trieste where we have an Airbnb to crash at for the night. The train was fun, I fell asleep mid conversation then woke up and couldn’t sit any longer. We have talked endlessly about our PCT memories and it’s been so nice to be around others who get it, who were there, and who don’t get annoyed by continuously talking about it. The Airbnb in Trieste is nice, now that we got toilet paper and the WiFi to work. We just went to the market to supply for the trek. I’m going weird this time and just bought bread, peanut butter, jelly, and chips. And I will be eating that and my Mammoth Bars and that’s it. BASIC! The fam decided to make some pasta, salad, and eggplant for dinner. Now we will probably pack and repack 20 times before leaving the house tomorrow to make sure we have all we need and reduce as much weight as possible. 

I am so ready to be on a trail. I think I’ve been doing so much Spiritual work lately I just don’t see things as I used to. I feel odd. Just nothing’s clicking and everything feels similar to home and not anything special. Hopefully that perspective changes soon, as I get into the Wild I feel it will. But for now…Gelato!

A New Adventure, The Via Dinarica White Trail, The Camino de Santiago

Ever since my feet left my home of the PCT they, and my heart, have been wanting everyday to just be back on the trail.  And now, in one week, I set out to plant my feet into a new adventure, but this time I am going international! After a week of barely eating and losing weight, which is far from ideal before a thru-hike. I woke up this morning really excited for what is about to come. So much is unknown, but I am blessed to be heading out onto a brand new trail called the Via Dinarica, with L-Train, aka Megan. I fly out on June 25 where we will land in London for a little over a day before heading to Venice on the 28 to meet up with Simon, also from the PCT, who lives in Sweden. From there us 3 companions will bus to Trieste, Italy and then hike on the Via Alpina Red Trail to the beginning of the Via Dinarica White Trail, where we will be meeting up with Stats, who is coming from nearby Switzerland! The guys will only be joining us a few days on this journey, but I am so grateful for it, and super excited to be reunited with part of my PCT Trail fam!

The Via Dinarica is a special trail. Well I am not even sure if I can call it a trail from what I have read. It is brand new. According to the Via Dinarica Association only 6 people have hiked the trail, and none have been Americans. So, Meg and I, will be the first Americans to attempt this hike! It is almost 800 miles long, traversing through the highest parts of the Dinarica Alps, and in the largest karst field on earth!!!! It crosses through Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Kosovo, and Albania. The only actual completed portion of the trail is Bosnia, every where else we are going to have to use some good navigating and patience to get through it.  Apparently, there is pretty much no trail at all for a majority of Croatia…..so we will see how that goes!

Preparing for this trip has been short and intense. Going to not just one, but multiple other countries, a lot of research has to be done on border crossing, currency, phone service, language, and culture. It all came about so quickly, but I think the preparation has been completed. You can only realistically prepare for so much in these circumstances. I know things will change and I am ready to be flexible and allow the experience to just be what it is and not force anything out of it. From coast lines to limestone to forests, it’s sure to be one hell of a hike.

After the Via Dinarica the plan is to head to France and begin the Camino de Santiago, a spiritual pilgrimage I have always wanted to do. This will take us through Spain to the coast, where we may extend our trip and do another Camino route down into Portugal.

But one at a time! This journey feels unreal, and like a total blessing. I am going to soak in every single step and feel the ground beneath me, and I hope you follow along! I will be updating on this blog with pictures and some stories of our days on the trail along the way. I can’t wait to see what this adventure will teach me about myself, my soul, and the endless beauty of the world and the people in it.



Pics from NorCal

Sunset boat cruise in Tahoe


This is the bus that got me suuuuuuper baked


It’s going down, Im yelling TIMBER!


Hiker logbook where you had to write jokes


Burney Falls




Shasta won my heart on this trail


Tim, Freckles, me, and Emily and her pup after carrying her 70lb pack the night before to help her get to camp and water


Pickin berries!!!


Pics from the Desert

Day 1 Campsite

Day 3 camp with Alan and Calvin before Julian

Day 4 camp after Julian

Eagle Rock

Camp with the gang right outside Warner Springs

Tent lookin smooth

views heading into Big Bear

Hefty and Stats at camp, the day we learned a lot about ants

Hefty teaching about knots


Mile 300 selfie!


Our secluded beach camp after the hot springs


the lake where we saw the baby skunk


Heading into Wrightwood


L-Train at the top!

Little Jimmy campground


Vasquez Rocks before Agua Dulce

Carepackage goodies form Halle


Camp at Casa de Luna

L-Train, Stat, and Hefty hiking on the ridge

Say no to Hikertown and yes to the aqueduct

LA Aqueduct

Hated these windmills

Windiest night of my life

Sticky Bun from German bakery


Last Camp before KM with L-Train and Hefty

PCT Resupply Points

This post is just meant to document the towns I stopped in, whether to resupply, just go get food, or the right timing just happened so I went to town. For me, as much as the seclusion and wilderness aspect of the PCT pulled to me, a huge part of the experience I knew would be in the towns.  It is where I get a whole different kind of experience and can meet and interact with people who help make the trail what it is. Getting to spend time with locals and trail angels was one of the most beautiful parts of the trail. I do have to say that I cannot put into words how helpful and amazing people were in these towns. Whether it is giving rides, buying meals, or just encouragement. The towns allowed me to see that there is so much beauty and kindness in the world.

As far as for information on the towns themselves I would recommend checking out As the Crow Flies. Her blog was like the Bible for me on the trail. It has the best info out there on towns and what they have to offer.

List of towns stopped at in order from South to North:

Julian @ mile 77 – definitely don’t skip! The apple pie is sooooo good. Unfortunately Carmen sold her place so I am not sure what is going on with it, but if the new owner makes it anything like Carmen did, it is a highlight of the trail.

Warner Springs @ mile 109 – great place and the people at the community center are extremely helpful and kind! Be sure to clean yourself and your clothes with the bucket set up in the back!

Paradise Valley Cafe @ mile 151- A MUST GO! Killer food for vegetarians! Nothing was bad here!

Idyllwild @ mile 178- Super cute town and great because everything is so close together. The campsites are the cheapest option and nice. It has a bathroom and showers. Seemed to be more of a party crowd here though! Also, if you’re there on a Tuesday go to the $1.25 tacos down the street at La Casita! The vegetarian tacos were so legit!

Big Bear Lake @ mile 265 – Too big in my opinion. On 0 days we were still walking 5+ miles to resupply. But a cool town.


Wrightwood @ mile 369 – We got there during a storm and all the trail angels were packed up and all the hotels booked so finding a place to stay was hell. But great town, do yourself a favor and go to the bakery. If you get there on a weekend get a Sticky Bun. The mexican restaurant also has an amazing Vegan Burrito. It has french fries in it!

Agua Dulce @ mile 454- Hiker Heaven is a key part of the trail! Take time to talk to the hosts, the Saufley’s. It is such a fun place, especially if you love animals. If you go to the local grocery store, take a look at the discounted baked goods. We found apple pies for $2.50!

Casa De Luna @ mile 478- aka the Andersons! You get to camp in a majestic fairy land. Had an absolute blast here! All you can eat mexican nachos for dinner and all you can eat pancakes for breakfast! If you help cook, you get first dibs! And be ready to dance your ass off!

Tehachapi @ mile 558- I loved this town. A bit tough to get around, but locals offer hitches. Local farmers market during the week that is super cute. And the movie theatre offers some good deals online sometimes!

Ridgecrest @ mile 652- Stay with the trail angel Erica if you can. She is super rad and just lets hikers hang around her house all day. She also has multiple dogs, chickens, turkeys, and the  best of all baby goats!

Kennedy Meadows @ mile 702- Obviously you know what you get here. Fun place to hang out. Just be aware although they have wifi it’s total shit. So all the research needing to be done before heading into the Sierras is super rough. Best option is to go early to Grumpy’s. If you get there before everyone else the wifi isn’t too bad. Also, eat as many pancakes as you can! And Grumpy’s has the best breakfast potatoes I have ever tasted.

Bishop @ mile 790- Easily one of my favorite towns. I want to go back and work at Hostel California. Super rad place, they have bikes and skateboards to go around on. And the brewery has the worlds best sweet potato fries! Erick Schat’s is also really good, if you go to the back they have all their almost expired stuff heavily discounted. I got massive bags of goodies for less than $1.

VVR @ mile 877- Be ready to get a hefty bill here. A plain grilled cheese with an extremely small portion of fries was $12. Not a terrible resupply place, but just more of a cool hang out.

Mammoth Lakes @ mile 906- Highly recommend Mammoth. A great place to reset after a tough section and it is just a cool ass town. The local trolley takes you around for free, which is nice because the town is pretty spread out.

Lee Vining @ mile 942- Less known town that I highly recommend. You can stay for free at the local church, and there is a shower and a kitchen. Also, make sure you head to the Mobil as it is some of the most delicious food on trail. They also have live music some nights.

South Lake @ mile 1090- Cool town, good food, plenty of resupply options.

Truckee/ Tahoe City @ mile 1153- I had a good set up here and stayed with a friend so I didn’t really experience it as a hiker too much. Most people seemed to skip Truckee, but I love the town.

Sierra City @ mile 1195- Just the convenient store, but they offer pretty good milkshakes and semi decent food. The church allows campers to sleep out back.

Belden @ mile 1284- Just stopped for a quick lunch. The food was great and really big quantities which is a plus for any hiker. I don’t eat meat, but the BLT sandwich looked sooooooo good!

Chester @ mile 1328- You just passed the half way point, so go into town and get a massively delicious milkshake!

Drakesbad Guest Ranch @ mile 1347- Hated this place. They were super rude and not helpful. Do NOT pay for a dinner, unless it’s the bbq night. About 8 of us ordered dinner and all had to go back to camp and cook food, they just give you left overs from what their guests didn’t eat.

Old Station @ mile 1371- Cool place to stop by, the milkshakes from the quick shop are great. J.J.’s Cafe is a great place to hang, charge your phone, and eat a good meal.

Burney Guest Ranch @ mile 1407- The owner is so kind and greets you with fresh ice cream right when you arrive. Hikers are allowed to use the pool, showers, and laundry. If you sign up for meals they are all you can eat.

Castella/ Dunsmuir @ mile 1498- Neither were too great. Definitely simple, if a hiker is looking for anything more like an actual town get a hitch to Mt. Shasta. I want to note that the owner of the gas station in Castella is super helpful and kind. He gave me free donuts and chocolate milk since my package didn’t arrive.

Etna @ mile 1597- Go to Dotty’s, get a milkshake, get sweet potato fries, and repeat.  Loved this town for sure! Good vibes all around.

Seiad Valley @ mile 1653- Winner of best Milkshake on the trail! The breakfast was pretty delicious too. Brave enough to take on the pancake challenge? Definitely want to be sure if you are hiking to make it to town before the cafe closes. And unless you pay for a site at the local RV Park you are not even allowed to hang out there on the lawn.

Ashland @ mile 1716- Already knew I loved this town before the PCT. I spent 5 days here. Super cute small town. The all you can eat Indian restaurant is worth checking out.

Crater Lake @ mile 1819. The shop actually offers some decent stuff, and the restaurant isn’t too pricey and pretty good.

Elk Lake @ mile 1950- Just stopped for breakfast before hitching to Bend. Good food!

Bend @ mile 1950- Great town. There is an REI and tons of breweries and restaurants around. Auntie Sunshine wins best hosting trail angel of the PCT!

* Unfortunately due to fire closures I had to miss Big Lake Youth Camp. I am still determined to get there sometime!

Timberline Lodge @ mile 2094- The breakfast buffet is worth the hype! Tip, if you go back into the buffet as they’re cleaning up they let you take as many extra pastries as you want!

Cascade Locks @ mile 2144- Not much here, but a decent town. I was spoiled so had a blast!

Trout Lake @ mile 2226- Just hit the road as a man came to give rides. Definitely worth the food which was great, but have to talk about their Huckleberry Milkshake…OMG so good!!!

White Pass @ mile 2292- the Kracker Barrel is just a gas station…..not the delicious restaurant. But it is a funny place, their tater tots are good!

Snoqualmie Pass @ mile 2390- The truck right outside of the Chevron offers amazing food!

Stevens Pass @ mile 2461- Another place I would go work for anytime. Beautiful spot and everyone was super cool.

Leavenworth- I think it is worth checking out. Resupply isn’t hard and it is just a fun random place to hang out.

Steheiken @ mile 2569- The bakery lives up to the hype! It is also just a cool place to hang out at. I would recommend walking there. It is a beautiful view and you pass the local farm that offers cheese and such. I didn’t go, but my friends did and it was some of the best cheese I have ever tasted.

Me and my friend and host Chris in Tahoe City

Young Bacon, Calvin, Hefty, Stats, and L-Train in Idyllwild

Gift box from Halle at Hiker Heaven

Sticky Bun from German bakery in Tehachapi

Hummingbird, Nick, and Snorkel at hotel in Tehachapi

Simba and Lone Wolf in Tehachapi

Twigsy in Tehachapi

The crew at ThaiHachapi

Nick and Simba Chatting

Bday Girl, Emi and Russ

Em and Lou

Emi’s bday dinner

Goats from Erica’s in Ridgecrest

Another friendly guy

Cheap donuts from Wal Mart in Ridgecrest

Made it through the Desert!

Kennedy Meadows Store

All you can eat pancakes at Grumpy’s! You also get, eggs, hash browns, and bacon if you want it

Dash after crushing some pancakes

In the van on the way to Grumpy’s. We decided this would be our CD cover

Goodbye shoes pair #1. 700 miles done

Same donuts from Ridgecrest

Hitch from Sheriff to Julian

1st trail hitch

Stats and Freckles walking into Mammoth

Tim and Scotty

aka King and Queen of the beach

Delicious veggie sando from Mobil in Lee Vining

Care package from my Crossfit Novato family

Sunset boat trips in Tahoe





Views from Porch in Tahoe

typical town snack

Puppy from hitch from Dunsmuir to Castella

Still haven’t seen this amazingness since the gas station in Castella

Owner of Castella shop gave me some free goodies

Etna secret swimming hole


Dope bus from Ashland I almost bought

Ashland host Glen, Indigo Creek took us for a fun rafting trip

Dash picking up Tim in Bend


Timberline Lodge

Bridge of the Gods

Cascade Locks fountain fun!

Smoke masks from North Bend in Snoqualmie


Fun in Leavenworth

Steven’s Pass

New shoes after 1,100 miles in Whites Pass….one is definitely smaller than the other

Bear at Drakesbad camp

PB Stack for breakfast in Mammoth courtesy of Freckles and Tim

Mobil station view from Lee vining

Scotty trying to use charm to get a hitch from bikers

Walking to Mammoth

Steheiken Bakery

M&M sampling in Tahoe

Breakfast in town is always delightful



PCT Day 155

Day 155- The Last Day of the PCT: it was another cold night but I definitely slept better than the night before it. Maybe because I was so tired from not sleeping or because I was in between people, where those on the outside seemed to get the worst of it. We got up slowly not really wanting the day to blow by. We had hoped to all be together and eat lunch and everything together today. It was another day of chilly weather, but epic views. We had a small uphill to the peak of Woody Pass. By this time we were spread out a bit, which is super typical on uphills. So I stopped at the top with Dash while we waited for the rest of the crew before heading on. It’s crazy to be looking out from points and know that it’s Canada that I’m looking at. We don’t all stay together long it’s a challenge today for some reason. We did meet up with the Pacific Northwest Trail for a bit which was cool! Not knowing where the others were Dash, L-Train and I stop for lunch at the top of a hill. There was a handful of other hikers there who are walking back down to The Pass because they weren’t going into Canada. I think that would be really hard. To be done with the hike then still have 30 miles back to walk. Does it make the finish less celebratory I wondered? We chatted for a bit, tried eating in kind of a lowered part sort of like a ditch to block wind. But it was just too cold so we gave up waiting and packed up. I don’t remember when it was but they caught us. There was a storm coming which is why we’re trying to finish today. I definitely don’t want to be stuck in the North Cascades if a gnarly snow storm comes. As we were finishing up the last few miles it started to drizzle. I was walking back with Tim and Freckles when I decided to run to the end. We still had 8 miles to walk into Manning Park. I arrived shortly after L-TrAin, Dash, and Hefty. We took photos of each other on and near the monument when Tim and Freckles arrived. We took group photos, ones I will cherish the rest of my life. And then no crying, it actually all felt super anticlimactic until we started hugging each other. And when I gave Meg a hug, she said “we did it” and that did me in. I just started crying. I couldn’t really stop. But now The big moment! The proposal was about to happen!!!we chat for a min then tell them we need pics of them at the finish. I take their GoPro and Dash I think was shooting on one of their phones. They took some goofy ones. Then Tim, with an audience now As 4-5 other hikers have arrived. He told her how much he loved doing the hike with her, and lots of mushy stuff then he just hugged her. And we were all like WTF? Did he chicken out?!? She was starting to walk away, the GoPro had died now, and he grabbed her hand and said an inside joke the 2 of them had about him proposing in a grocery store while resupply. And then dropped to his knee. It was so cute I was basically just continuously crying from before. It was such a good day. We signed the log book then headed on. Tim and Freckles were camping at a campsite shortly up and planned to walk in tomorrow so the rest of us went off. We just chatted as we hiked on some not too well maintained trail, dirt roads, then asphalt. We arrive to Manning Park and immediately go to the restaurant to eat a bunch of food. It was super good, but omg so hard to walk standing up from that chair.Us, and all other hikers we saw had an insane hiker hobble going on after getting up from dinner. We saw Squarepants too! Then we headed to shower and sleep in the room downstairs they leave for hikers to hang in. We also get free access to the pool and got tub! So this is it. The trail is done, for now it just feels like another town. Another 0 day and in a day we will be back on trail. But we won’t. So now what?! Stay tuned for tomorrow where I am going to write my “farewell” letter that I journaled as a goodbye to the trail and my family.


PCT Day 154

Day 154- last full day of just the trail today. I’m getting sad even re-writing this knowing it’s all over. Waking up in the morning wasn’t fun. Well I can’t say I woke up since I didn’t really ever fall asleep. But the actual act of getting up out of the bag was horrible. So we didn’t for awhile. We hung out and made coffee. And breakfast. There was frost all over our sleeping bags. L-Train told me her journal said that Dash and I were grumpy from not sleeping 😂. I remember Dash staying in his sleeping bag and hopping over to freckles and Tim to snuggle and get food. The entire day was cold. I don’t recall ever taking my puffy jacket off. I loooooved the views today. Lots of big long switch backs along the side of the mountains that left us with beautiful views. We hiked near each other the whole day since it was our last full day we wanted to spend it together. We passed Windy Pass and Foggy Pass which were both pretty good descriptions of the weather that day. Actually it wasn’t too windy just really cold when the breeze came by. One of the small uphills that was supposed to be nothing was actually pretty tough. Our bodies I think know that were almost done and are deciding to already start shutting down. So lots of little aches and pains have been popping up. My Achilles are all tight again all of the time. And my legs just fatigued and always slightly achey. At the top of one of the hills we stopped for an epic lunch. The view was unreal, the mountain peaks in WA along with the greenery just set for amazing views. And our trail fam was joined by more of our fam for lunch today. Javalou and Sante! Which was so nice. It was nice to see them again before the end. On the trail we played What are The odds quite a bit. Tim once lost and had to wear And1 sandals we found on trail hiking. Dash has to go see IT with us, and he hates scary movies. And there were others, it was always so fun when someone lost! And today Dash lost again. He was asked what are the odds you would shot some mayo. And he lost, so he lifted the bottle up over his mouth as he squeezed and…well there’s a video to show it. Gross hahaha. So freaking funny. It gave us all a really good laugh. As we continued walking for the afternoon we would sometimes drift slightly apart, then wait for each other at a point. Or just walk with others in the fam and chat. It was a good day for sure. All of us, I think, unable to really believe that it’s all ending. We hit Hart’s Pass together, which is the point where if you don’t have an entry permit into Canada you hike back here to get a hitch. Luckily, none of us will be having to do it. But a lot of hikers do. We came across a small creek and campsite hidden in trees around dinner so we stopped to eat but planned to keep hiking a bit. We were trying to block the wind within the trees and it semi helped. But dinner was pretty short because it was just too cold to keep sitting. So back on the trail we went. Heading uphill a little bit towards camp. I think we ended up camping at Rock Pass? It was getting dark and we found a nice large campsite to our left. We all laid really close to each other this night praying for more warmth. I remember actually being nervous before bed wondering if I’d be having another sleepless night. But i fell asleep looking at the constellations 🌌 above me. That has always brought me so much peace.