Day 1 of my Pacific Crest Trail journey. I decided I want to relive the trail, and so each day I’m going to post a photo along with a summary of my journal entry from that day. 155 day long journey that all started April 16 in Campo, CA. My good friend Sarah, was kind enough to drive me to the trailhead, and walk the first mile with me!! Although it was only for a brief time I was so happy she was there, I wasn’t too sure why I was doing what I was so having a friend was needed. At the 1 mile mark we said goodbye and not 30 seconds after that I got terrified! The largest rattle snake I could have ever imagined was half way on the trail rattling at me. It is the first rattler I’ve ever seen. My heart raced and I darted off the trail and ran for a bit before slowing down. It made me question really quickly “what the hell am I doing out here? Maybe that was a sign I should go home.?” Ended up hiking just over 20 miles to Lake Morena. In just 7 hours! I had a lot of adrenaline and didn’t really eat or drink anything I was just moving. I met Mike D, Emi, and Russ, and Zephyr. I knew right away Emi was going to be a good friend, she’s one of those people who lights up everything around her! I saw another rattler, some bunnies, butterflies, lizards, and Quartz crystals ❤️. Still not able to process the journey I was already in I finished the day with sore feet and hips, but ready and excited for Day 2!22730373_10155043202685036_2592058707374645959_n22729167_10155043202580036_2479210384493607856_n22688763_10155043202510036_4153401311973624288_n


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