PCT Day 2

Day 2. It started with a hot cut of @foursigmatic mushroom coffee along with some coconut oil and ghee, and some instant oats….which if I can remember right this may have been one of the only mornings I ate it, so gross. Took off hiking with Zephyr for the day. We talked about his major, chemical engineering, and work. Rock climbing, music, etc just chatting. He is crazy fast uphill and so I lost him for a bit, but later caught back up and we ate lunch with a group of about 5 people near water and some of the only shade around. Today’s goal was to make it 21.5 miles to Mt. Laguna. I really didn’t want to go there, day 2 of the trail and both nights in just normal campgrounds?…. I wasn’t into it. So when we arrived at Mt. Laguna, since the store was closed, I got Zephyr to go another 4 miles with me to a campsite on the mountain. I took off ahead and once I got to the campsite it was the craziest wind I could have ever imagined! I stood there for a bit, then went to out my tent up but everything was just flying around. I knew if I stayed I wouldn’t have slept, after waiting a little longer and no sign of Zephyr I literally took off running down hill for another 1.5 miles or so….I did a 26.5 mile day on Day 2!! So crazy. My journal is quite funny, in it I say how I feel like such an asshole for bailing down the mountain. I was worried and nervous. I lost my friend and I’m now camping alone. I did end up in one of the most amazing campsites. I just nuzzled next to a tree and looked out into the desert watching the sunset as I cooked my dinner.



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