PCT Day 13

Day 13: enjoyed a beautiful morning of relaxation before setting off. I figured I earned it after a 29 mile day. Woke up at 6, ate breakfast, went to a small pond with a waterfall to meditate. Played with some handstands and yoga. I was feeling so good after this. Walked only 17 miles today but it felt like plenty since I was tired. We really had no option because there is a fire closure instead that hikers aren’t allowed to camp in, to allow for regrowth. So you have to camp before or after the closure, so we did before. And a lot of others apparently planned the same. hummingbird was there, Prince, Lone Wolf, and so was Strider. I ended up just cowboy camping to save space because it was so limited. Had a fun time at camp though just chatting in our little circle while eating dinner. And Hummingbird just eating dry ramen noodles! And at the camp there were rumors….rumors of trail magic in 11 miles with cookies, fruit, someone said cinnamon rolls!!! I was ready to get there.



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