PCT Day 14

Day 14: “WORST DAY YET” I decided to get up really early this morning. To book it the 17 miles to the trail magic, for some reason I was wanting to get there by noon. I’m not too sure why, maybe just a goal, but it was stupid. I got up in the pitch black at 4:45am and headed out alone. It was freezing so I didn’t eat anything for breakfast and just started walking. My headlamp leading the way. It was a tough first couple miles in the dark, lots of downed trees and obstacles to get around. I stopped 3.2 miles in to get water and try to eat. Hands literally so numb I couldn’t undo my pack belt to go pee, let alone try to eat. I was miserable. I started hiking again, thermals, puffy, and gloves on, and they stayed on until 10:30am. I made it the 17m to the Trail Magic by 11:40. I had some ginger ale, cookies, and a PB banana tortilla wrap 🤤. There was also a couch here, how the hell did it get up here??!? I laid around waiting for someone I knew to join me for the last 3 miles to camp. I sat thinking I need to just slow down and let myself enjoy the hiking more. I’m always rushing to get somewhere. I wanted to start enjoying the hike. I took a nap, met Tripod a really cool guy carrying a lot of camera gear! Then Strider and Lone Pine showed up. At 2:40 I finally left and headed to camp, it ended up being downhill and went by super fast! At camp soon Moritz showed up, then Strider, and Tripp’s, and Michael from Switzerland, then a little later Hummingbird, Simba, and Megan!!!!! I hadn’t seen her since San Jacinto. I was so happy to see her! We made a fire and all camped near each other. I went to bed freezing, but trusted my sleeping bag to keep me warm through the night.



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