PCT Day 9

Day 9-10: today was my first official 0 day. I knew the trail fam would be coming in the afternoon so I worked my away around town to find us the best/ cheapest place to stay. I ended up getting us a really sick cabin. I literally did nothing while waiting for them. Just hung out at the coffee shop with Niko and Young Bacon icing my leg off and on. Once the crew came we all got cozy in the cabin. While waiting for my clothes to clean I just hung out and went around town in a towel like it was totally normal. We all went to $1.25 tacos at a near by place, after I took us the wrong way for a bit….they were literally the best vegetarian tacos I’ve ever eaten. Loaded with potAtoes and peppers. The next day we woke up and had a big fam bfast. Spinach and cheese omelette and pancakes 🤤🤤. I am falling more and more in ❤️ with these people every day. One of the group members ate a lot of edibles…and we all cracked up the whole time because he got too stressed out watching the movie Twister and asked if we would change it. I don’t remember much else from these days besides resupplying, eating tons of snacks, and relaxing. But I guess that’s just what I did.



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