PCT Day 8

Day 8: I had 15 miles to walk to get to Paradise Valley Cafe. A place rumored to have the best burgers on the trail….which I didn’t really care since I don’t eat meat. But I knew they’d have other delicious food. My leg was killing me. Walking normal was not possible, my gait was all funky. Every step was a limp and anything neutral or even remotely downhill was taking my soul. In the morning I came across a cache, where there was actually a trail register. A trail register is basically a log book. Write your name, date, and anything you want. It’s a great way to see who is in front of you and by how far. While there Megan came up, I didn’t stay long before setting back off. While on the way I ran into the Australians who told me I had to go down to the Trail Magic below, called Walden. Hating life I went down and found candy and soda, I wanted neither. But the best was there was a little book shelf with books and you could take one! It made me so happy. I saw Megan again there and she soon passed me after. I hobbled along…and along..and along. Longest 15 miles ever!! Finally I see the road and when I get there Meg and I start walking to PVV. Another long walk that was actually only like .5 miles. But I needed to sit. I have never been in so much pain. Finally we arrive, breakfast had just ended and lunch was about to be served. As we sat and waited more hikers came, Moritz, Lake, Niko, Simba, Etc. I chose to order probably the best salad I’ve ever eaten. Everyone around me was eating burgers, fries, and milkshakes. My hiker hunger had yet to hit me I guess. I was stressed all through lunch trying to figure out what to do with my leg. Idyllwild is about 15 miles away, not even all on the PCT. A fire closure had caused alternate routes to be taken and part was a big downhill. Slightly depressed I chose to skip the section and hitch to town with Scotty and Lake. Lake and I went to the campground. Showered and cleaned we walked to the movies to see the new Fast and Furious which was just as good/awful as all the others. Then we went to sleep in our homes, our tents ❤️


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