PCT Day 47

Day 47: started the day with the log crossing. Which was literally the dumbest and sketchiest thing on the entire PCT. We were dumb to do it and should have looked for another option. But luckily we all made it. We got up at 3:30am and as soon as we walked up to the log everyone stopped. It was a good 5-6 feet above the raging water. And it wasn’t even an even log. There were branches sticking up all around it. Me being dumb I just walked right onto the log like let’s go…and the second I got on it I started shaking really bad. I was terrified and over night some ice had accumulated on the log making it really slick. Luckily I had my micro spikes are. I stepped really really slowly and bent down to hold onto some of the branches I had to side step around. Idk when I’ve ever been so scared and the feeling just got worse while I watched everyone one by one attempt the log. Hefty was the smart one. He found 2 smaller logs a little upstream that were slightly in the water and crossed there. Me and Scotty were tossing our spikes to the others for them to wear across. We all helped each other and after that was over, I was already spent for the day. So stressful. We continued on and hiked to the Mt. Whitney junction and down that trail. By lunch we were a little into the junction and laid in the sun eating and drying out our gear and discussing the next steps. To do or not to do Mt. Whit. A lot of hikers aren’t doing it, Ned Tibbets, an outdoor excursion leader, said nobody should do it. No matter how experienced you are. After awhile of debating me, Scotty, and Stats decided to head towards Mt. Whitney and Meg and Hefty planned to get back to the PCT and take an on trail 0 day tomorrow as we do Whitney. I didn’t know if I was going to do it or not. My only plan was to camp at the base for the night and decide with how I feel in the morning. So we split up. We took off towards Whitney and hiked a very tough few more miles to our campsite. On the way we ran into Tim and Freckles. Asked how it was and Freckles started crying saying how scary it was….not a good sign. But I’m so glad they’re ok. They hiked it with Em and Lou and it was freezing at the top they said. Dash ended up heading out earlier because his shin splints couldn’t handle t anymore so he took off to go into town and wait it out. We ended up camping on some rocks in the middle of all the snow right at t He base. In the morning we will only have about .5 miles before we start up the mountain. It was grueling to get here and between the snow hiking and the sun consistently beating down on me I’m exhausted. But this is one of the most AMAZING campsites I could have imagined. I’m surrounded by snow and mountains and a beautiful sunset. And it’s not even cold. I’m in my tent and it feels like a fucking sauna from the sun. I’m happy to be here with these guys. They’re so great and look out for me. And so much of this trip is me wanting to face fears, but tomorrow is still debatable.


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