PCT Day 56

Day 56: Pinchot day! I slept so amazing. Seriously anytime I’m by flowing water it’s just heavenly. But I woke so warm and cozy, it made getting up for 4am hiking pretty hard. The whole place was up. All the groups were packing up and some had already left. We crossed the bridge into more greenery. And dry trail! We hiked for a bit to a creek crossing. There was a way to do it keeping your feet dry. And I watched a few people do it. At the end there was a long stretch of jump you had to do. So I followed Tim and just walked right through the water. It was easy and safe but my feet were basically wet the rest of the day. Some of the guys helped the girls get across, actually if I remember right it was Tim who went to the rescue! We stopped a bit later for some bathroom breaks and layer removal. Then it was step ups galore! Just big rocks stops over and over and over again! At this time I was very grateful for all my Crossfit training. Disclaimer* my journal for today is very minimal so if anything I say is from a different day, please say so! We did the pass then I remember stopping for lunch after walking along a shit ton of sun cups. We were searching for water for a bit then finally found a lake. We all stopped but Simon is so speedy and so far ahead. We tried to yell for him but no luck. He does this often we think we lost him and then he’s somehow magically ahead of us. Finally we see him walking back towards us. I’m glad he found us but I’m sad he had to have lunch alone. Today we also crossed mile 800! Then we had to walk along the outside of the lake and around it to keep heading towards the base of our next pass, Mather. We ended up finding a spot where some people could camp on rocks, some camped on snow, and I got to camp on dry land under a tree. Perks of my Mountain Hardwear Ghost UL1! It’s like I’m the same size as if I were just cowboy camping. We all kind of had dinner on our own because well it’s pretty fucking cold. It’s been chilly and windy all day. We hiked 11 miles today and I’m wiped. It’s about 4pm, and I’m heading to bed very soon. The only way to do it, since we have to get up so early is to sleep and put my beanie down over my eyes to make it dark enough to go to sleep. I’m definitely tired enough that’s for sure.



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