PCT Day 58

Day 58: Short day today. 9 miles but that even feels like enough sometimes. We ended up camping a few miles before Muir Pass. We ended super early today. The morning was weird, there was actual dry trail for a bit. Then some weird creek crossings. But a majority of the day actually seemed dry, from snow, but we had to do a lot of tree climbing up and overs and wet water walking. We had to cross this creek and there were logs everywhere so there were multiple paths to take but none of them seemed like the best way. I think we almost all literally went different routes. I personally thought I was taking a quick route then realized my log ended and I had to back track and jump back to another area then walk up and around on multiple other logs. Emi unfortunately slipped and fell in. She was ok but had to change her clothes! We finally all ended back up in the same place. Another group disagreement happened and some of us decided to keep hiking while others stopped to eat and take a break. We laughed, and I can definitely look back at it now and realize how silly it all is. We can split up. The big group is really only needed for a dangerous water crossing. As long as nobody is alone we 12 don’t need to do literally everything together. Pretty soon after leaving all the sudden my energy starts to tank! Like drop so freaking fast I had to stop and get a bar out. Maybe lunch wouldn’t have been too bad of an idea. But the snack helped! Then up up up up we went to our campsite. It was in a wide open space surrounded by snow and there we found ourselves. Laying on a big rock in the middle of the Sierras tanning and listening to Nahko. My heaven ❤️❤️. We sang and chatted and just kicked it for hours. It was really hot too, you’d think with all the snow around that would mean cold weather, but it was hot fairly often. Like tank top and shorts hot. Then we ended up squeezing 6 tents on this rock! Funny what we will do to avoid sleeping on the snow. Camp is at about mile 835. I love these people; they make me laugh and smile so much. Scotty is fucking hilarious and Simon is literally the most adorable and kindest person in the world. Anytime we are going up a gnarly hill he stands at the top cheering us on and always saying good job when we get there. Tomorrow is a long day, I’m praying it doesn’t get windy in this exposed spot, or too cold. We spent the rest of the evening eating and enjoying each other’s company. And dreaming about Mammoth. Our next town. We talked of all gettin a place together, things we’d do, and food we would eat. We’re all ready for it!



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