PCT Day 61-62

Day 61-62: So we got up early and planned to just hike out ahead of the other group but then we saw them coming. We’d thought we’d try to scare them, but they had already seen our lights so it didn’t work out too well!! We had just a few miles to get to the VVR junction. So far we had encountered basically no mosquito issues in the Sierras. We have been At about 10,000 feet or close since leaving Bishop and due to all of the snow there weren’t any mosquitoes. Thank goodness! But now that we were on the side trail heading to VVR everything was wet. And that meant a lot of fucking mosquitoes. You can’t outpace them and you’d just look down and see multiple on your arms. It was super annoying. The side trail overall was pretty nice though. Lots of rock stairs and enclosed by trees. We ran into a couple of hikers heading out who said today was the first day the ferry started! So they just opened and we can ride the ferry there rather than walking extra miles, which Hefty has chosen to do. He wanted to sleep in and plans to meet us later. So we finally get to the lake, and stand on the big rocks we found trying to holler at fisherman and people to get us a ride. We had very little service and couldn’t get ahold of anyone to come get us. Then finally a boat appears, and I tried to keep up barefoot but luckily Russ was ready to go and parkouring over all the rocks and things to get to the driver. It was the ferry….well the actually ferry wasn’t going yet it was a small boat that just fits maybe 4-5 at a time. So he had to do a couple of runs. I went in the later group and took a dip in the lake while waiting. The water was cold but so refreshing and it felt so good to lay on the warm rock after. Then the boat was back for us. And oh my god…….this guy picking us up had to be one of the most gorgeous men I have ever seen. Big crush!!! He works for VVR and hiked the PCT in 2015. I basically just checked him out the entire ride there. And then when we get there somehow Freckles manages to get a ride from him on a 4-wheeler up to the store. It was so funny. Immediately I knew we wouldn’t just be leaving today. Everyone had already gotten their free beer and looked too chill to be rushing and going anywhere. So we stayed. We ate food, that was ridiculously expensive and mine was total crap, drank some beers, and just hung out. Took naps, tried to find some hiker party people were talking about at another campsite but that was just confusing. The night was really fun. There were some other hikers there and with some of the workers we had a small fire going. People played guitar and sang and we all chatted. There was a group of guys from Israel who were hysterical! I’m glad this wasn’t the only time we saw them. The next morning we all anxiously waited for the ferry. There were a ton of hikers trying to get back to the trail so it took forever. But luckily a JMT hikers decided to not go and gave away a ton of his food. Part of it being raw fresh honey. Definitely ate a ton of that and added it into the PB jar! CLUTCH! It doesn’t take much to please a thru hiker. I go before some of the others in the group, but I guess while they were waiting Russ decided to try and fish and sat in someone’s floaty. Wish I could have seen that. We all finally returned to the rocks, people made some phone calls. Then we headed back to the PCT. Once we got there we only walked a few more miles to prep us for our last pass this section! Silver pass! We have just 20 more miles, 1 pass, and a couple big crossings, until we exit on a side trail to head into Mammoth. I cannot wait!


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