PCT Day 63

Day 63: so today is some big creek crossings. I can’t help but laugh about what happened. We get to the first crossing at almost lunch time. Some people drop their packs immediately to scout around for a crossing. Immediately I say hey there’s a log down there on our left. Hefty was heading to check that way out so I let it go from there thinking if it’s good to go I’ll know soon. After a few min everyone comes back saying there’s no crossing. So here Simon goes, sprinting his way through the snow having so much fun off to find us a crossing. We sit and start to eat lunch. May as well. I don’t know exactly how it started but somehow we came to the conclusion we were going to send our packs across on the rope we have and then group up for the crossing. But this way we know that our packs would stay dry. This took a long time! But it worked and the guys had such a blast. Scotty got over by doing some crazy scary hopping and big jumps onto rocks. Nothing I would ever trust myself with. So the packs one by one headed his way. And then some how Javalou decided to cross by himself to help Scotty. I didn’t see it but apparently it looked really rough. So then all the packs were across. And there’s Simon on the other side of the water. Soaking wet. He takes off running and apparently finds a snow bridge down stream and comes up to us. He decided to check out the situation for the next waterfall crossing as well and crossed it by himself. This dude is absolutely crazy and fearless! I can’t believe he’d do it alone to try it out. Like. What? What if it didn’t go well? Thankfully it did he just got wet. So then packs were across and we all go follow Simon to the bridge. On the way was the log I saw from right when we got there. Perfectly safe and easy to cross on. So we all did. Then we had to scramble back up to our packs. So funny we went through all this trouble and the easy log was there the whole time. Just bypassed. And the Israeli guys showed up as we were crossing the log, so luckily we didn’t talk them into finding a crazy route or anything. Finally were across and have our packs, it’s just a short distance to the waterfall crossing where we know we will get soaked. To be honest. It looks way more intense and hardcore than it was. It was not a strong current just a small section for walking before a large drop. So a slip would have sucked but nothing was really pushing you too hard. Emi is such a bad ass woman and went alone. I went with Javalou and all went well. But we most definitely did get wet. But overall it was just super exciting and fun. We found camp again on some rocks. I found a rock a bit away since the main one was full. Freckles and Tim camped up the hill a little too in their own snuggly spot. It was really funny. We gave Stats a bunch of shit this night because he was going around asking everyone what time they wanted to start tomorrow, then would say that everyone said some specific time. Then everyone would be like, no we didn’t say that. Funnier if you’re there I guess but good memories. We chose to get up at 6. Later than usual. The snow isn’t really freezing much over night anymore so we may as well sleep in. My campsite has such a beautiful view of snowy pristine mountain ranges. This section has been brutal, and I fucking hate the snow. But I’d be lying if I don’t go to bed almost every night thinking how I’m looking at one of the most beautiful sites I’ve ever seen. And for that I am grateful. We also decided tonight that we were going to get off the trail at Mammoth Pass instead of Reds Meadow to get into Mammoth because Reds Meadow is still apparently closed. This means we are leaving the PCT 10 miles earlier than we had expected. Which is almost a whole day out here. So now just 2 days until a break! Thank goodness!!!

Also Simon wins for best facial expressions!



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