PCT Day 66-67

Day 66-67. Fun couple days of hanging out in Mammoth. Overall just a lot of good fun memories. We had some problems with setting up the room/bed situation but all ended well. Mammoth is such a killer town. And our house can’t be in a better spot. Easy walk to the grocery store and there’s a free shuttle that goes through out the town that makes it easy to get to the post office, bakery, or wherever you have to go. We planned some fun things while here. Our place has a pool and hot tub so we hung out there for a bit, drinking Stat’s really strong dark and stormys haha. The second night we did a big Mexican food family dinner. We cooked a ton of shit. And had soooo many leftovers. Which I don’t get because typically we eat so much, but apparently I just over estimated our eating. It was so great. People made margaritas and we jammed and danced to some music while eating and hanging out. R. Kelly’s Ignition was a definite hit! After dinner we did a movie night and watched Get Out. It was ok. But it was just great to get to be with everyone spending this time together off the trail, letting loose and just hanging without worries. The next day Stats, Emi, Russ, Em, and Lou left to go snow boarding and I cooked a big breakfast for everyone. A nice sweet potato scramble, eggs, we had leftover pastries and goodies. It was too much food. That seems to be how towns go. Overeat to the point of extreme discomfort and continue that until you’re back on trail. Getting back to the trail….the fun part of the trip. The morning was chill after breakfast we packed and cleaned up and hung at the pool. Then we headed to the library to do some online resupply stuff. Then Met one of Tim and Freckles friends at the pizza place before heading out. We stopped near the grocery store and planned to catch the shuttle from there. When we got off the shuttle to wait and get a hitch I realized I didn’t have my trekking poles. At first I thought I left them on the shuttle, but then really thought about it and with the help of the others realized I left them back at the bus stop by the store. I looked at the times for the shuttles and it’d be another 45 min before one comes so it’s just a couple miles or so and I just take off running. I’m annoyed with myself, always so hard on myself anytime I screw up, but mostly just felt bad others had to wait for me. I ran there and found them! And then ran back, much harder than I had expected just so different from a chill walk I’m used to doing. I tried to hitch while I ran but nobody was stopping for me. And I can’t blame them since I had my whippet in one hand which looks like a narrow small axe. Finally I see the group, and a woman had already stopped and offered us a hitch. So there we went, and even better the road was opened so she could give us a ride really close to where we were meeting the others to camp. Today is summer solstice, aka hike naked day, therefore I’m happy we’re not actually on the trail hiking! I also realized I lost a water bottle in the woman’s truck, and couldn’t find my flip flops. I was like FUCK OFF! Luckily a beautiful person in my group had grabbed them and all was good again. So here we are, now 15 ready to take on the next section of the Sierras. Our next stop…Yosemite


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