PCT Day 65

Day 65: TOWN DAY! Unfortunately the few miles into Mammoth was much more difficult than I had imagined. We got up really early to head out. Freckles was ready to go! Hopping on our tents giving us tent hugs bright and early. So fun. The biggest thing I remember on the side trail was obviously snow, and a good chunk of downhill, but also “be brave”. Freckles had heard a cool podcast about how women are sort of trained as young kids to be more cautious of thugs rather than just going for stuff. So we kept saying “be brave” to ourselves when we had to boot ski down inclines. At 11am we were there! The road that will take us into town! Thank god! Fucking finally. The road is unfortunately closed so we have a couple extra miles to walk to get to where we can hitch. But it was fun. There were a lot of day hikers out asking us about our hike. Everyone’s amazed we’ve walked here with all this snow. Mammoth is already beautiful. We got a hitch from a couple in their truck and headed into town. The rest of the day was spent eating food, getting rad outfits from the thrift store, and hanging in a rental with 15 hikers. And the good times we’re yet to come.



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