PCT Day 73

Day 73: Hefty never made it to us last night so we’re hoping to see him soon. And we did! He met up with the trail just a little further up and was just finishing packing up his gear right off the trail when we passed. Luckily, there wasn’t a lot of snow to begin the day. We got to actually hike on some dry trail! Well I guess I shouldn’t say dry trail. There were times we were hiking on the trail and the water was up to my shorts. Just high knees through it for awhile. Then you’d think it’s over and nope it’s still going. We’re hiking on a beach. We’re heading towards Soda Springs and then Glen Aulin where we knew a bridge had been wiped out. We have some big crossings today, that have turned almost everyone around. Interestingly enough the one sending everyone back to Tuolumne Meadows is called Return Creek. But we have to get there first. That’s about 14 miles from where we started this morning. First we had to cross Delaney Creek, and we did so no problem. We found a nice log about 400 feet upstream. And we left a nice little note in the dirt for following hikers. Later we crossed another creek. Before crossing Tuolumne Creek on a bridge. Now unfortunately these next few posts are going to be probably inaccurate. I barely wrote in my journal this next bit due to just being too tired to deal with it. So I will probably mix up days and when events happen. Tuolumne Creek had a bridge for us to cross on. The unfortunate thing is that the water levels are high enough where both ends of the bridge are under water. But we were able to get our feet a bit wet and get across, into more snow. But to our right where another bridge was to connect to another spot across the river, it was totally wiped out and down stream a bit. It’s literally insane to me how much water is here. We continued onto Glen Aulin passing the absolutely raging Tuolumne Falls. It was right off the trail. So freaking cool. After the falls things got a little…..wet. The part of the trail that is now drowned it water looking like the beach I mentioned before. We made it through and past the camp ground. Next crossing was McCabe Creek, I think we just went through this one in pairs. Or probably me, Tim, and Freckles went together and Scotty stomped through solo. In .2 miles we face the evil Return Creek. The one sending everyone back south, but it’s a freakin breeze!!! Haha I can’t believe it. Just like Evolution creek was, all fear mongering. I say this knowing everyday out here the situations are different. But damn I’m glad we’re out here seeing for ourselves. There we are all wet, hungry, and we find awe sunshine….lunch time. We sat in a small flat campsite next to trees and on rocks laying out all of our belongings and trying to let them dry before we head back out. And immediately you have to take your shoes off, your feet are drenched and nobody wants trench foot. While we’re eating we are surprised by other hikers! It’s Yardsale, Crusher, Bandit and their crew. They had just come from upstream where they crossed. They had apparently crossed all the crossings away from the PCT, where we did them basically right at the crossing. Just that anticipation of it being bad and automatically looking for alternates. But i think we have learned from that and choose to check it out from the trail first then venture from there if it’s not safe. After lunch we have more water to encounter. Spiller creek was next. And honestly I think I was just trying to be brave and the current looked super mellow. After Scotty crossed I decided to just go for it too. Except I got stuck, and it wasn’t so much the strength of the current, more the slippery rocks I was having trouble moving. And I started laughing, as I usually do in sketch situations. Idk why. But Scotty comes back out and helps me get across, everyone else then decided to partner up! We passed by Miller Lake then just one more crossing! Matterhorn, making it a 20 mile day! It’s pretty high but mellow. But we link up and get across to a wide open field/meadow where we will camp. Now hopefully our stuff can dry before morning if we make a fire. Soon we see Crushers group line up one behind the other, linked, crossing the creek together. Step by step they easily made it across. And immediately met us next to the fire. Since were wet all day you can get pretty chilly. Had a good dinner with everyone chatting and hanging out. But I had to get to my tent because I had some nice butt chaffing starting that I needed to tend to. Thanks Stats for the hydrocortisone 😭😭! Stupid wet shorts all day.



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