PCT Day 72

Day 72- Before I left I had actually talked to a couple people from home and I’m so excited because Brit is going to come meet me in Tahoe!!! Yay!! We left the church late morning and hitched back to the trailhead. The people who gave us a ride made the guys sit in the back of the truck while me and Jitterbug sat inside and they gave us some beers. Then we started again on the nice 7 mile road walk back to the trail. Hefty had connected with us while he was in the Valley and was leaving today and planning to meet us, and hike with us for the next section. He had to make good time because some of his fam are coming to meet him in Tahoe. During the walk we saw some peeps from another group heading towards Lee Vining. It was part of the group from when we stayed at the suspension bridge. Twigsy being one of them. He is someone I met I think in Tehachapi at the hotel. Super amazing kind man that you just love to be around. Then we saw another guy from there group who was just straight up a total dick to us. Their plan was to road walk to the next town rather than attempt the water crossings. Continuing on we saw Freckles and Tim and ran to them! I was so excited to see them and Tim looked great! He bounced back so quickly. So altogether down the road we continued. When we got to the trail, Scotty made Hefty a sign to let him know we were ahead camping. He wrote Ognion like the sign from Bishop haha (Good story I know). We set up camp at a legit site with a bear bin for us to stash our food away in. It was a nice camp spot. And a good way to set back out onto the trail. Enough miles to get the legs moving and get familiar with the pack weight but not fatiguing. I’m kind of nervous for this next section. Will I know when something is too dangerous before already being in the middle of it? It’s been getting a little colder so hopefully that means the water levels will have dropped. But I trust my family, and I think we have the knowledge and patience to find good safe crossings. It will definitely be an adventure.



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