PCT Day 75

Day 75: woke up early and passed the other group before crossing Kerrick Creek. This one luckily wasn’t bad especially having to do it at like 6am, there was a log a couple hundred meters upstream. This is later where another fellow PCT hiker, Tree Wang, was washed away. And where I think a girl named HappyFeet was also uncontrollably forced downstream but was able to catch herself on a branch or rock and pull herself out. Basically we were lucky to be able to safely cross at the log. Thank goodness for this cold weather stretch we’ve had. We had a couple other crossings today but no major climbs. No passes. Just a lot through trees and snow. I don’t remember much of the day honestly. I just remember Hefty heading off to get to Dorothy Lake right before Dorothy pass since he has to push to get to South Lake. Me, Jitterbug, Stats, Scotty, Tim, and Freckles stopped and ate dinner with plans to keep hiking but to eat first. I thought of Doing decent miles today but honestly I was fucking wiped at this point. It all turned into an argument from here. jitterbug went off to catch Hefty. And we kept going back and forth about how much longer we’d be hiking, or just try to find a dry campsite. Tim and Freckles don’t care about camping on snow and at this point I didn’t give a shit. I just wanted to stop or go. I needed an incentive to go or allow myself to be done. After walking a little bit at a time we finally found a semi decent spot. Water close by and little dry spots. I ended up just sleeping with Stats. I was too tired to set mine up and figured 2 people in a tent would be warmer. With a negative feel to the day I went to sleep. Waiting for another snowy miserable day.



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