PCT Day 89-90

Day 89-90. I woke up around 7 and walked the 1 mile back to the trail around 9. I planned to just take my time then read until I get to where it is I think I would run into Halle. It started with a huge uphill filled with switchbacks. It’s not a hill you want to do mid-day as it is extremely exposed. You just keep climbing and climbing for miles upon miles, for over 3,000 feet. Finally I reached the top. Then I began the downhill. Passing the popular Sierra Buttes summit, and down into the parking lot. Passing lots of people and kids who were amazed I had walked from Mexico. When I got to the parking lot all of the sudden a girl popped her head out of a white bus and asked if I wanted some fresh baked cookies. I went right over! Her and her boyfriend live out of the van and there’s a group of hikers in there already. They had been hiking Nobo until the Sierras and skipped up to Oregon and now are heading back down. Their names were Pacer, Dos Tacos, Drum Solo, and Rosie. The hosts offered me a beer and I had a couple sips, then they started passing a joint around. After 2 hits and a small amount of time I was really fucking high. Like I felt sick for a second and had to immediately get off that bus and to fresh air. So I went out to the parking lot and laid down on my pack. Idk how much time went by, but I had to really focus to not get sick. I could hear everyone chatting, and soon Rosie was outside too. Also not doing too good. I think lack of food and dehydration made this stuff way stronger. After what felt like hours, Drum Solo brought me out a cookie. I was very grateful because I cannot even stand up right now. I kept wondering how I was going to be able to walk the next half mile to meet Halle. I don’t think I can. But there’s no rush so I laid there even longer. I’m totally embarrassed. Like what a first impression……ugh. At some point I slowly took off. That last half mile felt like 10. And I wasn’t too sure where I’d meet Halle. So I walked forward a bit and hung out. Then walked back to a junction. After over an hour she was there!!! She brought her Vw van which we’ll be sleeping in. That night a great group of guys came and hung out with us. Halle brought some sausage, pasta salad, cookies, snacks, beer, etc and we all just sat by the fire. The guys were hilarious. I forgot some of their names, Daddy Longlegs, and well I can’t remember them at the moment. But they had apparently emailed Cheryl Strayed. Everyone compares us to her on the trail. They said everything they did something hard or shitty they would yell “fuck you cheryl” it was so funny. And it was not in a mean way at all. They emailed her telling her all that. It was so good. I should try and email them to get a pic of it. That night around 11pm I left the van to go pee. While doing that I see 2 eyes glowing and staring at me, followed by a stealthy walk……it was a mountain lion. I kept telling myself to pee faster, I finally finished and headed back to the van a bit nervous. Being in the dark, low to the ground is not ideal when facing a mountain lion. Next day I decided to stay and hang with Halle and take an on trail 0. She made pancakes for us then the guys left. We barely saw anyone all day. An older man walked by in the morning. Later I saw Sante, Javalou, and Hawkeye. So stoked to see them. But determined to do miles, they ate then left. Soon our friend came back, the man from earlier, Old Rick. He has decided to quit. He was doing a section but realized he is not where he needs to be. In the multiple hours since we’ve seen him, and played about 50 games of dominoes, he had only made it a couple of miles. So now, he will get a ride from Halle tomorrow back into town. Where then he will go home. I’m so sad. I want to tell him he can do it and to keep going, but I mostly just want to support him. Then the Canadian Doctors joined us, also wish I would have remembered their names. The dude was legit one of the funnies people I’ve ever met. As we were all chilling and talking then a group of rad girls came. Tetris, Hitch, Monarch, and….shit I suck at names right now. But a really funny bunch. Yet we were all in bed my 9, aka hiker midnight.



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