PCT Day 92

Day 92: I woke up and immediately headed out today to just try and get to the next water source. About a half mile in I met this adorable and beautiful man. His light was shining and spreading so bright. I enjoyed walking with him, he had camped at the lake a bit off trail last night. After awhile I couldn’t take it any longer and asked him for some water which is kindly gave me. It wasn’t much but omg felt so good to get something to drink. He has met Stats, Tim, and Freckles! So talking to him made me feel closer to my family. And I know they’re not too far ahead of me. Just about a day, well not Stats he’s a few days ahead. Finally I got to some water. Pure bliss. Overall, today my water rationing was over. I was able to get water whenever as all the sources were good, but I never re-hydrated. I only peed twice all day. Late morning, I ran into Sante! Yay!!! But we had a big long climb ahead. Damn it was pretty hard. It was just never ending. Over 3000 feet in 8 miles. So not the steepest but just so consistent and so many dang switchbacks. Dripping sweat I finally hit the top of the hill where there is a killer pipe spring. Love these. They’re always so cold and fresh, no need to filter it! When Sante got there he filled up his water and we headed to Look Out Rock for lunch. 2 German brothers came along, Fred and Manboots. It was so gorgeous. Quite the lunch view. But I probably shouldn’t have just been sitting in the sun so long. We left and there was another trail library, after browsing the books, I headed on and walked towards another road. And right before I got there someone heading SOBO said to look for trail magic there. Sure enough there were some beers floating in the creek. So me and the Germans sat and drank our beer. One beer actually usually helps with hiking. It relaxes you a bit and makes it easier. The guys are fast so they go ahead, Sante had to go back because he forgot his glasses somewhere so again I’m alone just chugging along. I pass the road later that leads into Quincy. A sweet woman my age ran up to me when I got there and asked if I wanted a ride, but I wasn’t going into town. There was a trail register there. I love being able to see where everyone is ahead of me. Stats, Hefty, Freckles, Tim, Javalou and Scotty….double checking….yep it says Javalou and Scotty just walked by not too long ago. As I’m approaching the top of the next hill I see Scotty and Javalou. I’m so excited. I’m still going 1.5 miles to a camp because there’s water there, Scotty decides to come along. And Javalou stays. He likes to camp somewhere with a view. And I do too, but tonight water is my priority. That last mile in a half way absolutely brutal. 35 miles today….my biggest yet. And my fatigue is setting in from the last 2 days. We get water and get to camp. A SOBO is there and we chat for a bit while eating dinner then doing what we do best. Heading to bed. So I’m back in a semi bubble with some of my trail family!!!! What a great day!
*pic is Freckles @ look put rocks*



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