PCT Day 93

Day 93: we only had 10 miles into Belden. I can’t really call it a town. It’s a random place people go stay and they have raves and shit. Although it was only 10 miles it felt crazy long. I didn’t eat breakfast because I just wanted to go and thought I could wait until Belden, but at one point I had to stop and get a bar. I was starving. Scotty and I walked there together, we had a little uphill then found ourselves looking at beautiful massive rocks and tons of greenery. There was lightly flowing water coming down from the hillsides next to us. It was beautiful. Down into Belden was a looooong descent dropping over 4,000ft. We could walk fast but the time felt slow. I had to turn on some Nahko to get through it. Singing my way down the mountain. Then we hit the railroad tracks where we took the road right to Belden. I liked this place. Took a “bath” in the river and did some laundry then went to the restaurant to eat. The food was crazy portions and so crazy, we ate with Javalou. A really kind woman also asked to cover our bill for us, but we said no as we felt too bad since there were 3 of us. Before we left Sante came, and we left for the big long uphill after lunch. We crossed the bridge that went over the river , caught the trail. Passed some fresh berries and started going up. I just wanted to cruise. And I did, but then my cruise slowed down a bit. The climb was over 5,000 feet over about 13.5 miles. I had a good pace and then had to stop and get some water and just chilled for a couple of minutes before continuing on. It was kind of annoying. The trail would go up, then quickly down just to shoot right back up. Scotty passed me at the water and stayed ahead of me after that. Finally we reached the top, and Scotty was hiding shooting pics of me as I dragged myself up the hill. I dislike all of those pictures of myself….I didn’t look good at all. We trekked about another mile to a campsite that sat out on the ridge overlooking the nature around us. And it had a nice creek nearby. ❤️ today also started a weird trend of body pain. My lower back is giving me some tightness issues,my left foot hurts, and I keep getting sharp pains in my hips. Time to stretch



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