PCT Day 104

Day 104: got going earlier than I have been lately. I was gone by 10 til 7am. I didn’t want another day like yesterday. I wanted a big chunk of miles done by lunch and I succeeded. 17 miles in I stopped for my break. We were hiking up on ridges most of the day so it was hard to find flat spots for lunch. So at the creek I just kind of chilled right off the trail on a slope. Hawkeye was there and I hadn’t seen him since the trail magic in Sierra City so it was good to catch up with him. After leaving lunch the trail changed from being on the ridges by going into the forest. As I was walking I looked up and saw a small black thing on a log on the ground. It was a baby bear cub ❤️❤️❤️. Immediately I asked it where it’s Mama was. I looked up and saw another cub, and then the Mama. They were literally right off the trail. Like 2 steps off the trail and I could have touched them. So I started yelling and making a bunch of weird loud noises while smacking my trekking poles together. I was so excited but my heart was also racing at a crazy rate. As soon as I got loud the Mama bear sprinted up the hill while the babies bolted up to the top of a tree. I just kept making noise for the next few minutes as I walked by. I thought it was so interesting she left her cubs, but I’m assuming she was watching me from up the hill ready to charge if I would have went near that tree. They were seriously baby babies. Like the size of a small dog, like a terrier. Just a little more round. As the day went on again the view shifted, as I entered into Marble Mountain Wilderness, one of my top fave spots of the PCT. Towards the end of the day I still found myself surrounded by trees but also by very large rocks. It was super cool. I came across my campsite, a beautiful opening that allowed killer views of the surrounding mountains. With large rock formations to my left I spend the rest of the evening stretching, reading, and relaxing before eating and getting to bed. Scotty was also there, but I had no idea where Tim and Freckles are. I planned this campsite because tomorrow my friend Sarah’s Dad has scheduled to pick Us up at 12 to take us to Etna. So I don’t want to have a ton of miles to do to get there. This campsite, I’m about 12.5 miles from the trailhead. Hawkeye passed around 6:30 and was continuing on to the next campsite still 5 miles away. He was really wanting to hit a bigger day though even though I tried to talk shit to him about it. I’m the worst at that though, I always want to do the big miles. I try to get to sleep and it’s super late, like 11:30pm I have been worried about Tim and Freckles when finally, I see headlamps and hear voices. It’s Tim, Freckles, and Nonstop. They had talked Nonstop to coming to this site with them. I immediately went back to sleep.



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