PCT Day 103

Day 103: want to add to yesterday’s post as I just remembered part of the day. Before I left for the uphill we sat by some water to take a break and we came across a pack with a lot of random shit with a note that said take what you need. There were random clothes, and cleaning supplies, and other shit. Like what? I think somebody just found the pack and decided to leave a note with it. I highly doubt anyone particularly chose these things to help hikers out. For today, We woke up at about a normal time. Scotty passed us right when we were up he had camped back with some others. We said our good byes to Emily then headed on our way. Unfortunately, to my regret I didn’t take the quarter mile trail off to Porcupine Lake. I hear it is so beautiful and I’m bummed I missed it. Today ended with 30 miles and a beautiful siesta. After awhile, as usual I wanted to pick it up so I took off because I wanted to make it to the league. I finally find myself on the ridge looking down to my left staring at 2 beautiful lakes. They were called Deadfalls lake. I found a spot where I was alone, it’s a fairly popular day hiking spot, and stripped off my clothes and jumped in the warm water. It was the perfect temperature and I probably swam and floated around for 15 minutes. It was amazing. Getting out was a little chilly though. I had to make sure I kept in the sun. A little bit later I see Tim and Freckles appear on the ridge above. I wave at them and they soon find me. While we eat lunch they each go for swims as well. The best was we met 3 adorable people, 2 women and a man. Total older hippies. They were so cute. They chatted with us a bit, then actually asked if we would mind if they went down a bit and skinny dipped. We were like hell no that’s what we just did!!! Seriously they are what I want to be someday. We stayed there a couple of hours before heading out. At 4:45 we still had 13 miles to go. So I took off. I don’t like ending at dark. I like to stop, read, and eat in the light. It’s much more relaxing to me. Now we are in the Trinity Alps, where I had my first ever backpacking experience. We are walking along ridges near the tops of mountains looking out into a forest pine trees beneath us. I booked it. I impressed myself and made it to camp by 8:45. Scotty was there along with Nonstop. She is dope! She is section hiking. I go to the creek and get some water and stick my leg in the creek for a bit before heading back to cook some white cheddar Mac n cheese. One of my favorite meals! Tim and Freckles showed up a while later. I was camped under a lot of trees buried in the forest right next to the trail. But with enough opening to get to fall asleep looking at the stars. I knocked out and had some vivid ass dreams! 2 more days until we reach Etna. Not planning to 0 there but it will be nice to have one night of rest and good food before heading back out.



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