PCT Day 109

*photo taken from Seiad Valley cafe FB Day 109: I got up just whenever and ate a slow breakfast, and sipped on my team until I was ready to go. I headed out on my own, but shortly I ran into Lego, Lake, and Sassy pants. As we walked we all foraged on the delicious blackberries that were next to us on the road. After a bit the guys got a hitch, but Sassy pants and I wanted to walk so we kept walking. We had a great conversation. We talked about life, work, and astrology. She knew so much about it that I was just absolutely fascinated. I really enjoyed that time with her as she was a pretty cool chick. We watch the road for 6 1/2 miles to get to Seiad Valley. we passed by little homes with some land, people on bikes, but nothing too crazy spectacular finally we made it to We made it to Town to the café that is supposed to be known for one of the best milkshakes on the trail. We get in there’s lots of other hikers there I sat at a table with Lake and Lego and got myself a milkshake and a big breakfast scramble. and it’s freaking delicious. in my opinion definitely the best milkshake on the trail by far I could’ve had 10 more of them. Some people were doing the pancake challenge. The pancake challenge is trying to eat a total of 5 pounds of pancakes which is absolutely insane and apparently when the lady makes a batter she adds more butter to the pancakes for the competition so that they get even more filling. Tricky tricky. Digger did try he failed and he basically just laid around the rest of the day. Tim and Freckles got there a little bit later and after they ate, because it was so blistering hot, we went down under the bridge to the creek in the town and laid in the creek and laid near it just reading and relaxing. Unfortunately there is no way to be comfortable there is just jagged rocks everywhere and after a while we gave in and decided to head back up to the town. The Café was closed so there was just some picnic tables to hang out at. We tried to go lay on the nice lawn under big trees at the camper rental place but the guy won’t allow us to unless we paid to sleep there for the night which is really annoying. So we did go back to the picnic tables its just too hot to do anything and there is nowhere really to hang out and get shade and cool down so we planned to hike the big upcoming Hill tonight to avoid a lot of the smoke that was happening and All of the heat. We decided to go ahead and hike the first 1.5 miles and chill there where there was water nearby. So we just laid in the shade and read and chatted. Lake decided to read us a book he was sent about a guy who hiked the trail in Israel, where Lake is from. The book was so…….interesting and hysterical. It was super awkward. It was basically a shitty version of 50 shades of grey. Although I’ve never read those I’m just assuming. He would talk about all of his interactions with women. One specific one was this girl, and neither had a condom, so she didn’t want to have sex because she didn’t want to risk getting pregnant. But he persuaded her by saying if they did it’d be beautiful and they’d love each other and raise the baby. Then after they had sex he got her a taxi and said “bitch bye” hahaha. I should not laugh at it, but it’s kind of funny. Probably because I’m not that poor girl. Anyways some very intense sexual stories came up. 2 people from the group of 3 I met at Fischer Lake a couple of days ago came down the mountain. The girl got super sick, she thinks due to all of the smoke and had to come back down. They said the smoke was so bad they couldn’t even see their hand out in front of them. At 8:30 we packed up and started hiking. We weren’t going fast, but it was fun. We all just chatted and I learned how to play Contact. It was so fun! I just liked yelling Contact even at the wrong times. It was dark so there weren’t much for views, we just carefully walked trying not to step on all the random bugs and rocks along the trail. At 12:45, only walking 10 miles, we set up camp under some trees. Tonight I was very grateful to have my super small tent otherwise we all wouldn’t have fit in the area. I’m tired tonight. But not due to the hike, just because it’s so late for me. Hiker midnight is 9pm and I’m usually lucky if I even make it until then.


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