PCT Day 110

Day 110: Today I am tired. The day started mellow with a slight 1,200ft downhill that led to the road that comes from Seiad Valley. A lot of hikers choose to do the road instead of the trail due to less elevation gain and it shortens the trail about 2-3 miles or so. Then I started back up a slight uphill, just 1,300ft. I walked for quite awhile before stopping for lunch. The trail goes by and passes a ton of dirt roads today. But no trail magic, which is always a hope near roads. I stopped at lunch in a nice shady spot with lots of other hikers. I don’t remember their names, but we all had a really nice convo. Along with 2 Sobos who were telling us about the conditions of the trail ahead. Javalou passed by, I went down a steep side trail that led down to some amazingly cold water. So refreshing. The trail today was interesting. Not really many open areas, so the shade felt great for all the heat that was going on. But today I hit a marker that almost seems more important than half way happened today. OREGON! It has been 1,689 miles in CA and damn it feels good to finally be done with it. I love it, but now I feel like I’m progressing. I was there alone and just read through the log book, until luckily Lake came. It was quite anticlimactic to be here alone. It’s a weird feeling. But luckily before he got there I had plenty of time to reflect on some of my big memories from CA. Like how green the desert was, meeting my hiker family, my Grandmother passing away, running out of water, falling a lot, hanging in towns with friends, the stupid Sierras. I have cried and wanted to quit. I’ve laughed insanely hard, had great conversations, learned History from Stats, gotten into arguments, pushed too hard, said yes when I wanted to say no. I hated everything and loved it all at the same time. I’ve learned about myself, loved myself, and been very hard on myself. But I wouldn’t have changed these experiences for the world. At the monument Lake snapped some pics before we went on. We camped just a few miles later near a dirt road. We laid against our packs just chilling and Lake did some more of his book reading. And we made a bet on what time Tim and Freckles would be getting in. We bet a beer, I lost. And I still owe him that beer. I’m so happy and blessed to be with friends who encourage me to focus and enjoy the journey instead of stressing about the destination.



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