PCT Day 120

Day 120: with the short 6 miles into the parking lot, I started early and headed out. I hiked with a bunch of hikers, a lot I had yet to meet. Walked with Fire Dick, Monk, side note. Monk is legit he was straight up hiking in Birkenstocks. I forget the names of other hikers but it was fun to have different conversations with different people, and sometimes to just walk behind and listen to the things they talked about. After a couple short hours we saw the sign. Trail Closed ahead, detour on Seven Mile Trail. So there we went off onto the detour route. When I arrived at the parking lot there were at least 10 other hikers there eating. I stayed just a short minute, then all at once everyone decided to start hiking. There was a cool pic going around if 3 of us with the same packs walking next to each other. It was seriously so cool to meet a group of new people. After a bit of walking a car pulled up behind us and picked up a group of hikers. Then another. And some of us were still walking. I didn’t want to walk 20+ miles on the road, so when Scott came up in his mini van I hopped in. Scott is the same trail angel who picked L-Train and I up to head into Ridgecrest. He apparently just pays attention to things happening on the trail and then drives to where he is needed the most. We passed Gentlemen while driving, bolting down the road in his short shorts and long legs. Super cool guy, who I have chatted with multiple times so far and will later on as well. Shortly we entered into Mazama Village. Which is the park for Crater Lake. I immediately went to the store to see if my package from Lisa, Toni, and Yago was there. AND IT WAS!!! I ripped it right open and got out a glorious @johnnydoughnuts and it was my favorite kind. The old fashioned chocolate caramel sea salt. I took it into the restaurant, sat at the table with all the guys, ordered a coffee. And enjoyed every single bite of that donut. After breakfast I basically just hung out at the picnic tables by the store waiting for my trail fam, and looking at all the amazing goodies in my care package. Many hikers came and went, some stayed, some were Sobos. Which was nice as we could discuss trail conditions to help each other out. Later everyone got there, Em and Lou, Tim and Freckles, L-Train, Dash, Dorian, Drum Solo, Pacer. Me, Freckles, Dash, Pacer, Dorian, and Drum Solo all went to dinner together. We enjoyed some wine and good food and chatted. Dorian told us about his experience on the Camino and now we all really want to go! *and now I am in 2018!* After dinner we had to walk a little bit to find the campgrounds, then even once we were there we had to find Tim. We finally get to the campground and we are searching for Tim and Freckles tent. But we’re trying to be quiet because everyone’s asleep. We think we found their tent, but Freckles is right by the door saying Tim’s name. And nothing is happening. So is it the right tent? We are hysterically laughing thinking she is at the wrong tent. She even opens the door a little, recognizes things. But we’re still a little shaded about it. Then Tim finally walks up, it is their tent. He just went to the bathroom. It was quite funny. Plus the wine made it obviously more funny. Today was great. It was a very light day filled with a lot of good connections. Tomorrow I get to see the marvelous Crater Lake



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