PCT Day 119

Day 119: Hiked 33 miles again today. Although those miles felt harder, slower, and more boring than yesterday, I held the same pace. I had a beautiful moment today where I truly felt like I am doing exactly what I should be doing, that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. While I was bored I did my best to think good and happy thoughts which totally helped out. Today was interesting we passed a ton of side trails to multiple different lakes, like probably 10 of them. We passed through the forest and some beautiful open areas where you could just look out and see waves on mountains. And sometimes Mt. McLoughlin. I camped at one of the Snow Lakes, which were definitely not lakes. Oregon likes to call a lot of things lakes and they’re actually just ponds. But it was nice enough. I got to clean my clothes and shower, although it made me quite cold. Then laid my clothes out to dry, unfortunately not quickly as the sun went down fast. Since I was kind of down in a mountain the hills blocked the sun quite early. I hung out and stretched and walked around to see what else I could find. I read my book for a good long while. And then started hoping I’d see everyone else tonight. I always just take off then sit, curious if anyone will be camping with me. After a bit Simon makes it down! He is going to camp with me, and Later we see Lou who came down to get water, and him Em, and L-Train, are camping higher right off the PCT. We found out today again, just how the trail provides. That’s a saying for us hikers, almost as important as the “hike your own hike.” Whenever shit is happening, if you need a boost, you’ve lost something, etc somehow whatever you need always comes. So we always say the trail provides. And today it did so by Crater Lake opening!!! I have been so bummed because it’s been closed due to a fire and it’s a spot I’ve been extremely excited about. But now it’s opened, we have to take a detour to get there as part of the PCT is closed up to it. But the park itself is actually open so I’m extremely excited! Tomorrow we will hike the few miles to the junction for the detour, then we can either hitch or hike like 20 road miles to Crate Lake. I’m gonna wing it!!


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