PCT Day 128

Day 128: We slept in being as we weren’t trying to get anywhere. The Eclipse was happening today and there was a great spot on a bridge super close to camp, and we wanted to wait for Freckles and Tim. Didn’t even wake up until 7am! I got to do a lot of reading, and again just enjoy the company of the goats. The Eclipse was amazing and I’m soooo happy I had the glasses. I watched it with about 6-7 other people, and the goats. We joked that maybe the goats would start talking while it happened. It was hard though, I would take the glasses off then forget and look right at the sun. I probably did it 5 times. But everything else is pitch black. So you can’t see all you want at the same time. It was Crazy when it happened. We had totality for quite awhile. I was sitting there in my shorts and tank and got freezing. The breeze picked up and the temperature dropped fast. I can imagine how back in the day wars were ending by this event. Imagine fighting then this happens, Id for sure take it as a sign too and stop fighting. I am so happy to get to experience it! After the eclipse back at camp, I realized my phone was missing. I freaked out and ran back to the bridge looking at the trail along the way. Me and some others looked under the bridge thinking it slipped through a crack, I thought somebody took it. So I gave them Dash’s number to call if they find it. And actually when I was getting his number, there it was in my sleeping bag. Couldn’t help but laugh especially because even at home I do stuff like it. I’ve been the person talking on their phone while looking for their phone. It was afternoon and still no sign of F&P so we decided to start hiking. Right when we got on trail I met Radio, whom Dash already knew. We ran into quite a few others too. Gentlemen, later, Santa, and Jalvaloo. Everyone got held up due to the Eclipse I guess. Got to camp with everyone tonight and have good conversations. It’s so fun to get to know people better out here, and always so crazy to me to hear what each person does and how they live their life off of the trail. Oh and I also started my period today. First time on the trail. Why couldn’t it have waited one more month until I was one more month until I was done?!? It’s been so nice to never have to worry about it. Now the cramps and fatigue are back and setting in. The worst. But I’m grateful I haven’t dealt with it until now. It’s just so gross out here. But what can ya do? Camping in the forest tonight. Camping right next to some friends while separated by just a creek from some others. We hiked 15 miles today. Not bad for a half days work.



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