PCT Day 129

Day 129: 32.5 miles done today and they were some of the toughest yet. The terrain was easy, it’s just fatigue due to my period. I always have no energy around this time. But I got to see Pacer, Dorian, and Drum Solo today! I saw Pacer earlier on. She was on her own and now heading south bound. They had done some skipping and flipping to go to the trail days festival so we’re now hiking south a few days before hitching back up and heading north. I saw her along the creek while walking in the forest. Which seems to be almost all that we do in Oregon. It gets quite boring. Since I was lacking everything today I had to listen to a lot of music and podcasts to get me through. Oh, I also got to see Little Crater Lake today. It was just a short ways off trail. It was cool, but nothing spectacular. Maybe I’m just comparing too much to the actual Crater Lake. The last 1.5 miles today, which is where I saw Dorian and Drum Solo, were freaking brutal. It was beautiful, Mt. Hood was clearly visible. But imagine going up a steep incline in beach sand. And that’s what it was. I stopped a couple times and just said “fuck you” to the trail. Sometimes I feel like it is out to get me. 1900 feet uphill in sand. Really? Sometimes you literally just think that the trail hates you. I’m camping solo tonight a bit uphill from the large group of hikers below. I’m hiding between some nice big trees with a gorgeous view of Timberline Lodge on one side, and Mt. Hood on the other. A woman came up to me and was asking me so many questions about the trail, and made her son take photos with me. She was kind of annoying but so sweet. What’s going on in my mind now? How am I so close to WA?!? It kind of scares me to almost be done. I still don’t even know what I want to do when it’s over. It’s such a weird place to be. I’m legit pretty terrified about what will happen after the trail. How do know what’s true for you and what you’re just making seem true? I guess I just need to disconnect of any ideas of what might be, and just let what’s real show itself to me.



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