PCT Day 135

Day 135- We we’re in no rush to get back out hiking today so we casually packed our things before heading to the post office. While we were here we contacted Hefty who was on the trail doing a 0 day at a lake just a few miles north. We talked him into coming back and hanging out with us and it was so fun To all be together again! Before and during the trail many blogs, websites, hikers, talk about how it’s really hard to resupply in Washington and that you should send yourself boxes. I don’t worry about it, I just need tortillas, peanut butter, and bars, and I can get that anywhere. But others loaded up some boxes for themselves that we needed to take to the post office. I again had issues with packages here, my Moms package came late, Big Lake Youth Camp never actually even sent out my shoes to me like they were supposed to. So I’ve had these shoes since South Lake Tahoe, which is about 1,000 miles back. They’re done that’s for sure. On the way to the post office we looked so funny, Tim and Dash were pushing a cart full of all of our resupply and junk. Just how we look as hikers, along with all the stuff in the cart was funny. We hung out at the post office a bit, people running in and out trying to figure stuff out. We ended up going to the near by picnic tables and having a picnic lunch which had pork, salmon, and other goodies left over from our dinners. I got waaay too full. It’s what sucks about towns. You just overeat consistently the entire time. It makes hiking much more rough. I’m so happy the crew is back together! So many good vibes and energy that really showed as we crossed the Bridge of the Gods. It’s crazy to walk across there’s no room for you really and traffic just keeps going. It was really fun! Can’t believe we are now in Washington. We started along the trail which stayed near the main road. We hiked up a smidge then found ourselves at a lake, we assumed it’s the one Hefty was at. It was nice even though it had power lines above it which didn’t make you feel very secluded. But it was hot. So Tim and I decided to hop in, and soon everyone else followed and we just played in the lake awhile. After hanging out for a bit, the boys were playing some rock game and us ladies were chatting about…..random things let’s just say, we headed back out to hike. We didn’t plan to hike far. The way a little uphill which felt kind of tough to me because my stomach was so bloated and full from all of the food. We hiked just 7 miles through greens mossy forest, and found a rad campsite above Cedar creek at mile 2154. There is a teepee here made with logs that we all cowboy camped next to. Along with a steep downhill to the water which wasn’t too fun going up or down! A bit slippery on the sand, but nothing sketchy. It is so nice to be together and chill and chat with everyone. Although, going to sleep tonight I feel embarrassed. The talk of energy and spirituality came up, and at one point I raised my voice. Not in an argumentative way, but a passionate way, but I didn’t mean for it to come out like that. I know that I, like anyone else, can become too attached to my beliefs and ideologies and my ego steps in the way, but that truly isn’t my intention. For me this was hard, I felt like things changed after that but it was just my own thoughts and energy. But once we actually talked about it, all was good.



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