PCT Day 132-134

Day 132-134 Got up pretty early and hiked the very quick 8.5 miles to Cascade Locks. It was mainly downhill and flew by. As soon as I got to town I couldn’t believe that I was right there just standing by the Bridge of the Gods. If I crossed this bridge I would be in Washington. The last state of my trip. I right away went to Bridgeside for breakfast. And after ordering I saw Dash and his parents, Hilary and Greg. So I took my milkshake and enjoyed the meal getting to know them better. After going and showering at the house and chilling for a bit we headed across the bridge. Dash’s parents got him a massage and while he did that us 3 went and enjoyed a happy hour somewhere. We had AMAZING huckleberries margaritas! So good. The next couple days were just filled with lots of happiness. We went to the dam for the Columbia River and watched the salmon do their work. Then enjoyed a little snack picnic by the water. We went and got massive ice cream cones and followed it by playing at the park. Me, Tim, and Dash practiced some parkour. Which were not too great at but it was super fun! I tried to run and jump over a trash can but when I put my hands on the lid it collapsed and I fell down tipping the trash over. It was so funny. We also tried get ups, which is what the video is. It was just so fun to go play around. We had family dinners, Greg and Hilary are so amazing and so supportive of all of us. The next 2 we went for a couple of small hikes to some waterfalls near by. The 1st was my favorite. It was packed with people trying to go over a bunch of logs waiting in a line. But it was dope and fun to swim in. The guys did a Little Rock climbing skill work to get there. I just walked in the water. We watched the Shining to check for similarities from Timberline Lodge. The last day too Meg came with her parents, Karen and Dan. It was literally just so cool to get to know my good friends parents, and to enjoy families again. I am very grateful I got to meet them. Overall it was a killer 3 days! Drinking, playing, exploring, singing Disney songs, playing in water fountains like little kids, digging into deeper conversations about our journey. Very blessed and special, making it one of my favorite stops on the PCT.



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