PCT Day 138

Day 138: One of my favorite days on trail! I hiked basically all day with the crew and it was so fun. To just be patient and not care about timing or getting anywhere. We just talked and joked about everything. We talked about life, sex, and anything that came to mind. The morning started as a super steady walk. Gradual uphills and downhills, walking past trail junctions and lakes. Walking by huckleberries that you can just try and grab as you walk by to eat. They’re easily my new favorite fruit. I remember us stopped at Trout Creek for a few minutes just to chat and regroup. Poor Freckles is having a lot of foot pain right now. She switched shoes and they’ve really been bothering her now. So she tried to put her feet in the cold water to help the inflammation. Then we started on our uphill which flew by. We held such a solid pace for it before heading downhill to where we had read that some Monks leave trail magic for us. I got to the can filled with fruit and was so happy. Most of us didn’t bring enough food this stretch so we have been having to ration our food. But now there’s fruit, and crackers, and all kinds of good snacks. Me, Dash, and L-Train sit there for a few minutes then Tim and Freckles arrive. There is a roaD just a couple hundred feet away that leads to a small town called Trout Lake. We don’t plan to go, but as we sit there we here a car pull up. So Tim sprints over and it’s a nice man named Gary who offers us a ride to town. It was the best choice ever to go! We had so much fun! We ate delicious burgers and fries and omg chocolate huckleberry milkshakes 🤤🤤. Freakin heaven. Then we went to the local store and grabbed some fun snacks and boxed wine. Because we’re only hiking about a mile to camp so why not bring a treat for the evening. We saddle up and Gary gives us a ride back to the trail in his pick up truck that has an actual sofa just chilling in the back. We share the truck with Mio and Cane Toad, 2 hikers we just met. We all apparently planned to hit the same campsite so within minutes more hikers just kept filling it up. We stayed back a bit all snuggled in our bags ready to cowboy camp getting a little tipsy. Or at least I did. It’s so funny to me that as easily hiked 23 miles today, with taking lots of breaks and even going into a town.



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