PCT Day 139

Day 139: It was pretty cold waking up this morning which made it slow. At this point I basically never get moving before 7am. Now I just enjoy the morning with my friends. And I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I’m not ready for the trail to end and I’m so grateful for my family who continuously remind me to enjoy the journey, because that’s how they live the trail. And today….today is September 1? How? How have I lived through a summer? Which felt nothing like a summer because I was in snow everyday. And now it’s fall….and it’s all just coming too fast. It feels like I haven’t been hiking long at all. Overall, this morning I felt sluggish, things felt hard, time felt slow. I’m definitely blaming all the food and wine from last night. Slightly hungover….ew. Even though it felt long, and my energy not great. I would go hike this part of the trail again any day. Omg it was beautiful. We walked along the base of Mt. Adams after walking through a cool looking burn area and into a basin,and had good views of Mt. Rainer. There were large lava rocks, and open pastures, and freezing cold springs that offered some of the best water ive tasted on trail. I wish I weren’t hiking alone during this though. It’s so beautiful and I want to be able to share it with somebody. Some of my big regrets on trail is that I didn’t take more pics of people on the trail. And this would have been perfect for that. But I was alone, so just stopped to stare numerous times. I had a ton of thoughts running through my mind today. One is just that beauty itself is not something that is just seen, but felt. And that feeling is something I think we bypass so often because we’re always rushing. But when you sit and stare and are with something you can feel it’s power, it’s energy, and it’s beauty. Sometimes I feel things are the most beautiful when I feel the cool wind blow against my skin, when I get a scent from the surrounding pines, or plants. And when I hear the trees dancing in the wind, and the birds singing. This then, with the addition of music, melody, beat, lyrics, has led to medicine for so many people. And this trail has been a place for healing for a lot of people. This trail has helped cure anger, jealousy, doubt, self hate, mourning, addiction, and so many other things. It’s so insane to me that I’m walking the same steps as so many others, and today I’m really feeling that healing power. I started to cry. Just thinking about how many peoples lives have changed by walking this path. The PCT is truly the most special place. It is sacred, kind, and a total bitch. But it always provides for you exactly what you need. I haven’t had any epiphany’s or life changing thoughts. I still have no clue what I want my life to look like. But many have. As I continued to walk along with tears in my eyes I realized even though I haven’t had an “AHA” moment, this trail has changed my life and this experience has and continues to be nothing but magical. I realized the trail is my medicine, and so are my people. My trail family, these beautiful people I get to share this with. Music, the PCT, my family, my friends, they push me to be the best and purest version of myself I can be. The fear of the trail ending has lead to so many of these thought. As much as I want to keep asking myself what I want my life to be after, any answer would just be forced. This whole time I thought I was scared of that, just not having a clear idea of what I want. But now I realize the only thing I fear is doing nothing. Finally made it to camp, near a pond in an open meadow. It’s kind of chilly but it’s nice here. I’m at mile 2255.7 and there are huckleberries all around. When Meg got there we took our Talenti cups and started filling them up with all the berries. Hiked 26 miles today, it’s ending under the trees next to my friends again. Nights don’t get any better than this



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