PCT Day 141

Day 141: Woke up today and headed out with the fam. Today we will hit Whites Pass where we can eat some food, resupply, and pick up boxes. My box with new shoes I was supposed to get forever ago should be there! Fingers crossed. We headed downhill to start the day before heading back up. We hit a nice view of Mt. Rainer. On the way to Whites Pass, while I waited for the others I went for a quick swim in one of the small lakes that we passed and ate a couple of bars to hold me over until we reach the gas station. Can’t really call it a town because it’s legit just a gas station. That tricked us because all the notes say you can stop at Kracker Barrel, but it’s not the legit Cracker Barrel. Once the crew got there we all headed in together. We reached the highway then took the road walk to the station. The road was surprisingly busy and their were cars all over the road. Such a random place for all of these people. We reached the station and as trashy as it kind of was. I loved this place. The workers were hella cool. They had some space outside at a table to hang out and lots of tables inside that all us hikers took over to spread out our food and charge our phones. I had some delicious Tater tots while hanging out. My package was found easily, but Freckles and Tim had some issues finding theirs. They found one, but one wasn’t there. Luckily the hiker box here was pretty good, and there were many hikers around who offered their extra food. My shoes don’t even fit. It’s so weird. They’re the exact same size as my last 3 pairs by feel a whole sized smaller. I’m hoping they stretch out some but I’m super nervous I’m going to have blisters or something from them. And I got a really cute and amazing care package from Karen and Kelly, from my gym back home. So many healthy goodies that I totally miss eating. And really sweet notes about their lives and their new niece! And things they are proud of that they have done in the gym. It makes me smile so big to read these notes. We hung out for quite awhile. Trying to figure out this fire closure that’s ahead and resupply. I ended up drinking multiple Arizona teas that ended in my having a horrible stomach ache. Before we left I had to buy a box of saltines to try and help. I hadn’t felt so sick this entire hike. When we took off I stayed behind everyone. It hurt to walk so I had to just go easy and cruise. We didn’t hike very far, just 3 miles and about a 1,000ft climb. The hike was nice besides feeling so shitty. We passed a field that a bunch of kids and family were playing in. They were playing some sort of tag or something. It looked like so much fun, I got jealous. Then I got to the pond where the fam was and we planned to set up to camp. We walked around a smidge trying to find a nice place and ending up finding an old horse stable that creeped everyone out. Haha we talked about ghost horses being around, every time we heard a noise we joked it was one. So Dash decided to put our trekking poles in the ground in an X by our heads as protection from the ghosts. 😂😂These last nights Dash has been reading up part of Carrot Quinns book, Thru Hiking will Break your Heart. It’s basically a journal log of her PCT journey, definitely waaaay different than my experience. But he would read us bits of that, but tonight we are all listening to a podcast together. I love this shit. So different than “normal” life. I can’t remember the last time someone read to me or I just sat and listened to something with someone. It’s special indeed! I remember star gazing multiple times throughout the night. I could see so many consolations. I want to learn about the stars so bad, it’s a goal before my next hike.



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