PCT Day 140

Day 140- So funny thing is in my journal I actually didn’t write the next 3 days. And I blame it on having so much fun at camp with everyone that I don’t take the time. Definitely worth the trade. Today was bound to be a special day. We get to enter Goat Rocks Wilderness and walk the Knifes Edge which is supposedly one of the most epic spots on the PCT. So I’m very excited to get going. The trail started again in the forest, but soon will open up to some of the most beautiful landscape I’ve ever seen. First we got to go over the saddle of Cispus Pass. Walking switchbacks on the open ridge. After the summit, and passing some day hikers who were shocked at my pace, I headed to the nearby waterfall to enjoy lunch. I had waited at the top a bit for the others, but decided to just head on as I’d rather wait at the waterfall. At first it was just me and a couple of others, including Doc who I hadn’t seen for awhile. I guess him and Double D split up and they just weren’t hiking the same pace. The waterfall was ice cold but so amazing. We took turns taking “showers” under the flowing water. Losing our breath as we did it. Since the place was loaded. More hikers came, lots of day hikers came. Families, dogs, it was madness. And not what I like the PCT to be like. Once the gang got there and everyone did what they wanted we hiked along the ridge about a mile to a nearby campsite to eat and hang out. Some of my group had apparently met a group of guys out backpacking who were acting rude and weird. Dash bolted up a hill to use the restroom when that group walked by. I remember yelling something and they all seemed fine to me. After having a good many laughs we continued on the trail. We had a little uphill where we got to pass through green lush grass and big rocks. And again lots of day hikers who never mind stopping to ask a million questions. Soon we were in Goat Rocks ready to tackle Knifes Edge. But before we did me, Dash, and Tim went skinny dipping in a freezing “lake” below the trail. More as a dare than anything. It had snow and ice around it. Yes snow….again. I thought this shit would be over. We met a super sweet couple, who has previously hiked the AT And PCT, they brought us big smiles and snickers bars. They were heading to the most blue amazing lake I’ve ever seen, that I will go back to. It was called Goat Lake they said. Then we headed on, but slightly confused. There were 2 trails to take and we didn’t understand which was the one with the epic views. I still don’t fully understand but I know we missed the summit of Old Smokey which has amazing views. But we got to do the Knifes Edge which I would hope nobody ever does on a horse. It would be so sketchy. It’s very rocky and you’re walking on a skinny ridge at the top of the mountains. Cutting up and down, like a knife. Obviously. But it was pretty epic. And I got to see some wild goats!!!! Once at the top, I ate a bar and waited for the others before we soon headed down. I definitely fell walking behind Freckles, no big deal. I’m so used to slipping at this point. We go down into a big open space, across a creek, to a dope amazing campsite. There were some others around but it was so open, had water flowing we could hear all night, green grass, and mountains surrounding us. Perfect night to stargaze. Pure bliss as I got into my sleeping bag for another snuggle puddle with my best friends. Camping at mile 2279.9.



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