PCT Day 145

Day 145- Great mellow day today. It was so fun to camp with everyone, and from this day on, I camp with Tim, Freckles, L-Train, Dash, and Hefty every night until the finish. We woke up later as usual, which we joked about because Hefty wishes we would have been doing this nice sleeping in thing the whole time. Who knew that he was right about it being the best the entire time?!? The day and miles didn’t go fast…but they didn’t go slow either. Within a few miles for the day I took a wrong side trail. I knew Something felt off but I tried to ignore it and just kept hiking. Finally I decided to look at my gps and sure enough I have walked a ways off trail, on a side trail down to a lake. Frustrated with myself I head back ip the steep hill to try and find where I went wrong. I did, but was still confused for a second. I rely too much on the gps and sometimes it’s a little off track with where I actually am and I get confused. It will point me in a direction, but it’s the wrong one. I need to just trust my instincts more. Not too long later I passed Hefty’s pack on the trail. And Then passed Tim and Freckles on some switchbacks. They asked if I saw Hefty, which I replied no, but Freckles was giggling. Apparently they snuck a rock into his pack this morning as a small prank, to make his pack heavier. Hiked about 27 miles with a lot of descent first then the day just resembled a roller coaster. My body is starting to wear down on me. My Achilles is pretty sore everyday, my left Hamstring hurts, my backs a little tight, and my feet hurt. I think my body knows that this is almost over and it’s starting to rest. But I beg it to just stay strong a bit longer. I know it can. I can’t believe I have just over 20” miles to go. Thoughts of life after the trail are consistently coming up now. But today, unlike most other days, I didn’t let it add any stress. I thought about it, but I was content. I took lunch at a super nice creek that had a small waterfall. Since my body was aching I knew it’d be good for me to sit in the really cold water so I did. I enjoyed my lunch there and kept my hips and below under water almost the whole time. There were lots of little fishy in there too! This section of the trail is so insanely beautiful. It’s kind of what I picture the Sierras to look like when it’s not covered in snow. We got to view lots of lakes and meadows. The trail would cut through some mountain ranges where you would look down at a pristine lake surrounded by them. And there’s so many colors here, even the rocks are pretty, but there’s so much green, yellow, and red. So amazing. Washington is definitely my favorite. Had a couple creek crossings today…people said to watch out for them but they were no issue. Camping near a large creek at mile 2434.6. I found a nice space we can all fit that’s right off the trail. I feel wiped and like I could just go to sleep right now I think part of the reason is the smoke. The sun can’t peak through so it just seems like a gloomy day all day. But instead I do my “chores” and read while waiting for the others. After a bit they all make it and again we have our slumber party.



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