PCT Day 146

Day 146: Hard miles done today. I was definitely moving way slower than usual. But got it done in decent time. In the morning I saw Neon while passing by Deception Lakes. My plan was to jump in and swim, but I was still kind of cold and didn’t feel like stopping. But it was insanely beautiful! I had a great lunch at Trap Lake which was really beautiful. I saw it when I came over the saddle of some mountains, and had discussed going down to it for lunch. It was a bit down off the trail, but worth it. The water was ice cold but I had to jump in. It resets me. There was a couple there who came for a day hike to the lake. I felt semi awkward just swimming in front of them, but they were impressed that I stayed in for how cold it was. It didn’t help that’s it’s cold outside today. The fog and wind are picking up. I’m hoping the wind doesn’t affect the fires and that the cooling temps and moisture help them. The hike today was great. Saw lots of beautiful lakes again and went over Piper Pass which had some great open views. I was so happy to finally reach camp tonight. We were camping by a lake, but coming down from the mountain you couldn’t see much as it’s so foggy. I found a nice spot for us all, but 2 girls came and got it before my group arrived so I scooped out another small area. It’s really cold….I initially thought I wouldn’t be cowboy camping tonight. The group came, we hung out. And everyone but L-Train and I set up our tents. It was just a little wet out from the fog which we figured would pass, and according to the forecast it isn’t supposed to rain. So for the first night in awhile. Everyone went to sleep on their own. It ended up being one of my favorite nights on the trail. I barely slept but I laughed my ass off. Around 1:30am we started feeling drops. So we put the trekking poles around us to make a square then put our rain covers for our tent on it. It was barely sprinkling so we thought it’d work. We didn’t really think about it catching the rain then lowering the tarps…..so a bit later I woke up and noticed I couldn’t see Megan anymore. The middle of the tarp had accumulated so much water that it dropped the middle of the tarp to the ground. I’m all giggly but not wanting to wake people up but end up saying something. Turns out one of the poles on her side totally collapsed and she wasn’t even protected anymore. We’re laughing so hard as we empty it then put it back up. Poor Dash had to deal with it. Luckily somehow, within my sleeping bag I was totally dry. It was just too funny. And I’m glad we stuck it out and can say we never put our tents up in WA!



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