PCT Day 94

Day 94- Hit a huge milestone today within Lassen National Park……HALFWAY BABY! I got a little emotional but overall just excited. The day went by pretty slowly. I left a couple minutes before Scotty in the morning but as usual he catches up fast. I stopped at Little Cub Spring to take a quick bathroom break and get water. It was the last water source on the trail for about 10 miles so I wanted to make sure I was good. It was a good descent, off the ridge which the trail was on, to the creek that was flowing very nice cold refreshing water for me. Made my way back up the climb, and back to my pack before I headed on. Scotty and I ended up getting to the halfway point with each other. He celebrated with a shot. I just wanted a milkshake. It’s legit all I ever crave. And I know there’s one near by in the town of Chester which I can reach today if I go 30 miles. After the halfway point was a bit of a descent. I like to run on downhills mainly because it takes less time and saves my knees from impact. Scotty also apparently likes to take off running. At one point I hear stomping behind me and move to the side of the trail and he blows past me with his headphones in. Just moving! Later I met a man who asks “are you with that guy who was running”. Sure I mean we’re friends and hike together sometimes, but we’re not hiking the trail together. He seems mad and goes on to ask if we’re in some kind of running group or something. I just explain why I personally run on downhills. He had apparently been frightened by Scotty. He said he heard the stomping and thought it was a bear charging so he jumped off of the trail, and Scotty passed, and he was mad as he said Scotty didn’t say anything to him once he moved. Which he may have but the guy didn’t hear him. Anyways he was mad, basically just out of fear. But he kept trying to talk to me about it and I felt bad, but I didn’t do it so quit complaining to me about it. Decided to stop and camp 3 miles before Chester. I’ll get a milkshake tomorrow. We walk into a camp filled with lots of other hikers. A campsite right next to a flowing stream. I met a Dad and his Daughter who were out hiking a section together. They were so cute, I loved it. What a cool experience they were having. I went to bed after eating while everyone else made a fire and hung out. At this point, I enjoy my reading and getting to sleep. So that’s just what I’m going to do…sleep and dream….about milkshakes.



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