PCT Day 99

Day 99: my journal is brief this day and my memory isn’t bringing anything up. So today’s entry is nothing special. I ended with 29 miles and my shin is totally starting to really irritate me. I planned to take my time today, to hike with Freckles and Tim, resting often to give my shin a break. But I can’t do it. I need to have over half my miles down by lunch otherwise mentally I really struggle. All my energy comes in the morning and after lunch I’m usually just hanging on until camp. The weather today was hotter than usual, and drinking enough water was tough. Sitting at camp I just kept trying to chug as much water as possible. Camping in more of a forest tonight which always makes me a bit nervous for bears so i was really hoping Tim and Freckles got here soon. I don’t remember when I lost them, but I started camping alone again. This is when their habit of hiking until very late started to happen! I go back and forth, I want to hike and get my miles in and done, but at the same time I want to be with my friends. It’s a never ending battle in my mind on what I should do.



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