PCT Day 100

Day 100: Wow 100 days already…over halfway…almost to Oregon….almost done 😢. I did a short 26 mile day today because I wanted Tim and Freckles to catch up to me. The day started with a bit of a steady downhill. I’m mainly hiking through the forest this morning. Crossing a lot of creeks. About 9 miles in I crossed McCloud River on a nice large bridge before beginning a small uphill, I was feeling tired. Usually I just keep going, but today at the top of the hill I just sat and rested. And amazingly it gave me more energy and I enjoyed the hiking even more rather than just suffering through it. Who would have thought? Stopped at Squaw Valley creek for lunch. There were a couple other hikers on the other side of the bridge laying around but I didn’t feel like talking. I went directly to the water and started icing my leg while I ate. It was nice to sit in the sun. I had heard of a good swimming spot, I didn’t go down to it but went to another nearby area where for 3 hours I laid around. Iced my leg off and on in the water and read my book. I never willingly take 3 hour siestas so today is totally abnormal for me. But I have a big uphill coming and I’m in no rush to get anywhere. The way up felt smooth. And it went by really quickly. Some switch backs alternating between ridge areas before taking you back into the trees. I carried quite a bit of water from the last spot as there is no water where I plan to camp tonight. But apparently there is a bear who has been liking to hang around there. I’m not a fan of this forest camping. I like to be on open ridges with endless views of mountains, land, and Stars. In the forest you don’t see anything. I got to camp around 5:30 and hung around and finished reading my book. There’s a lot of mosquitoes so I’m just laying in my tent to cook and eat dinner. At around 7ish another hiker approaches named Taz. He has apparently heard of me because people say we hike the same style. He was cool, we smoked a J together then just kicked it talking through our tents to avoid the mosquitoes. Around 9-9:30 Freckles and Tim made it! YAY! They set up camp near me and we chatted while they ate and talked about their day. They had a good swim and hang out at the swimming hole earlier. They’re so much better than me at just enjoying things as they come across it. Today I did good. But overall I set my mile goal for the day, then I just want to get it done. Tomorrow we reach town! I am anxiously awaiting for gift box from Toni, Lisa, and Yago. It has some fresh @johnnysdoughnuts for me!!



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