Crazy hitching stories…sorry in advance to all the parents out there

I woke up at 3:45 to pack up quickly and head out to begin my 13 mile hike to Kalinovik. From here I plan to hitch to Sarajevo then to Jablanica to get to the post office and retrieve my replacement shoes. The hike was quick and easy, although my feet were killing me. I actually stopped and put on all 3 pairs of socks just to add cushion. Getting to town and out I got my first hitch from a nice man driving a delivery van, drinking a beer. At 8:30am. Totally normal to me at this point. He drove me the 12ish miles to the next highway junction. After trying for a bit another man stopped to give me a ride to Sarajevo. It started fine, he like the other man cannot speak any English. Yet some people just keep trying to communicate and saying the same thing over and over again. But I still have no clue what they’re saying. So I’m giving this guy the benefit of the doubt in this area. That there was a language barrier and I may be incorrect. But about half way through the 45min ride he looked at me and said “sex?” I repeated it back to him unsure if I heard correctly and he said it again. I have no clue if that’s what he meant but I really harshly said no multiple times and he just gave me thumbs up and kept driving. Sorry to freak all the Moms out there out with this story. But I actually just felt slightly creeped out but not unsafe. He dropped me at a cafe where after awhile I got another hitch just over a mile, closer to the actual town. When I got out of the guys car he touched my thigh……..idk if it’s their culture or just dudes being endlessly creepy. I had trouble getting a hitch from this point so walked to the bus station to see if there was one to Jablanica, a no go. But I did see the AT hiker there. I then got another hitch from a super nice guy to the highway that drifts off to Mostar, passing Jablanica. After a bit a guy pulls over and I get in for my last ride as he’s able to take me all the way there. He was nice. Kept trying to get me Kafe, a burger, and take me to the beach. But I was assertive about getting to town by 1pm as I wanted to take the 1:42pm bus back to Sarajevo. Being over hitching at this point. I literally ran all around town, easily got my shoes which was a huge win! Resupplied and even ran to the other grocery store to load up on peanut butter, a must, before getting my bus ticket literally the moment the bus arrived. This bus ride was heaven. Nobody to try and talk to and cozy. Once I got back to Sarajevo it was crazy hot and I had to walk almost 6 miles back to the cafe where there is a junction that leads back towards Kalinovik. Nobody would pick me up. I was so wiped. Had walked almost 20 miles today and only had 1 liter of water. A man, who was giving a couple who were backpackers a ride to Montenegro, picked me up and drove me to the final junction back to Kalinovik. On the way he was chain smoking cigarettes, a joint, and drinking a beer. Haha. After he dropped me off I just felt it was too late and nobody would be heading to this small town of nothing and I was almost crying expecting to have 15 more miles to hike to where I’m supposed to meet Meg. But I prayed, literally so hard for a car to come. And one finally did. A guy in a nice Audi that was a super fast smooth ride to the gas station where I had gotten my first hitch. It’s after 6:30pm so by this time I expect Meg to have already left town and head to our camp spot. The walk to camp was nice and mellow. But when I got there Meg wasn’t there. I met with the household owners about camping and a few minutes later Meg. She was happy I was ok, but thought I was meeting her in town. We figured it out, and ended up camping at the household and were able to shower which was heavenly. Today wiped me more than any other day. Just mentally and emotionally the most draining day ever. I’m so glad it’s over, and so glad to have my Comfy Xero Shoes again! 


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