What is Forest Bathing?

I know that this blog started out as my journal for my adventures. As I have settled into a more stable home, I still wish to write and share where I am at now.

I hope that you continue with me on this journey called life, the exploration of purpose, connection, and truth.

These are all lessons I began to learn on my journeys you have followed me on. The presence and life enjoyed spending every day in nature will always be my greatest teacher.

Hiking the PCT is where I first learned to Forest Bathe.

Imagine with me; You step on the soil, feeling it crawl between your toes and spread beneath your feet. You breathe in the same air that the trees next to you are breathing. You see and sense the river’s flow as the perfect teacher of surrender. 

Photo by Adnan Uddin on Pexels.com

This presence, in its purest essence, is Forest Bathing. 

How deeply can you connect with the forest and land around you?

Stepping into a space where you feel completely interconnected with all that surrounds you. Where you feel one with nature, as you so divinely are.

Forest bathing is so much more than just spending time in nature. I cannot count the amount of times I was in nature, yet completely unaware of it around me. Just walking like a zombie completely oblivious to the life and beauty right near me.

In the 1980’s a Ministry in Japan coined the term, “shinrin-yoku.” It means “absorbing the forests atmosphere.”

There is an energy within everything, a frequency at which it simply is. 

In today’s society we are constantly blocking ourselves from receiving the Earth’s frequencies. We wear shoes constantly, avoid sunlight by wearing sunglasses or chemically filled sunscreen, we stay inside most hours under false light and staring at screens.

But why is it important to reconnect with the Earth and her frequency? 

The answer can be different for many, it has been shown numerous times its benefits on mental wellbeing.

Photo by Feyza Altun on Pexels.com

It can open us to receive more in our life, whether support, love, success, etc. 

It can make us feel held and connected to all beings, which builds compassion and love.

Connecting with the soil can also improve our immune health, and even reduce anxiety and stress levels. 

It is amazing what all healing properties we have at our finger tips. 

Your experience could be 10 min or 3 days…..it is purely up to you. 

But soak in that sunshine, breathe in that breath of the trees, absorb the frequencies and biomes of the soil, and for this time remember you are one with All.

Why do I utilize forest bathing? 

Photo by Maksim Goncharenok on Pexels.com

For me it helps me connect to my soul, my divine essence. To connect deeper with Mother Gaia, allows me to connect deeper with my truth.

When I feel lost in life, or unsure of what decisions are most aligned, forest bathing brings me back. It brings me into a place where the decision might not even matter at all.

How magical is that? 

How magical that we can step outside our homes and have such abundant medicine. 

I encourage you to schedule the time to go explore forest bathing once a week. See how it changes how you feel, your daily perspectives, and even how you treat yourself and your body.

Be sure to check out my blog here to learn a few ways to Forest Bathe.


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