What is Embodiment? And why should you do it?

Embodiment is a hot topic these days.

You scroll through social media and see people dancing, shaking, slithering around on the floor, or maybe even punching pillows.

But what is embodiment? 

It is manifesting energy into the physical. Imagine yourself feeling sad, you can sit with it, or ignore it, or you can tap into it. 

Then ask yourself how does this energy want to move within me? Then, allow your body to move and act in that way.

Photo by mauro savoca on Pexels.com

It is certainly not always pretty. If anyone was watching you, sometimes you would look like you have a few too many drugs, but if you can just learn to go with it, or even laugh at yourself, you will be stunned by the healing this allows.

As a society we have tended to praise suppression of emotions, to make ourselves push them back, but now as we step into this new world together we are seeing the power and wisdom those emotions hold. 

Here are the 5 reasons I believe that Embodiment is important:

1). Emotion literally means energy in motion! 

We are not meant to keep energy stuck inside of us. That is what causes chronic pain, illnesses, and dis-ease in our systems. By moving and embodying these energies we allow them to shift, to release, and that prevents blockages within our physical and energetic bodies.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

2). Moving energy can help us build up the energy we desire.

Maybe we want to increase and build our sensuality our femininity, embodiment is an amazing way to do so. By circling and moving our hips daily we can tune into that frequency and build it within ourselves. This can build self-love, trust, surrender, and creativity. Who doesn’t want more of that in their lives?

3). It reconnects you with yourself.

The awareness it takes to truly surrender into an emotion or energy, is nothing short of complete bravery. It allows us to see patterns of being, it brings us back into ourselves. How often do you take time to truly connect with yourself, and your body? We have been taught to dissociate through tv, social media, alcohol, or even exercise. But to devote yourself to your body and the movement it desires allows you to create a whole new relationship with yourself. One built on love and trust.

4). It can bring us so much joy!

As adults we quit playing and just doing things for fun, and to look silly. Embodiment practices allows us to tap back into our loving inner child and to just be silly! It is freeing in and of itself. Why is play so good? In simple terms, it helps us calm our central nervous system, it can take us out of our constant state of fight or flight.

Photo by cottonbro studio on Pexels.com

5). It teaches us our Yes’s and our No’s.

By tapping into our body and its needs and wisdom we can then take this knowledge out into the world. Maybe someone asks us to go to a drink, the practice of embodiment will allow you to check in with yourself, and to know whether or not you truly wish to go get that drink or not. You will learn what a Yes feels like and what a No feels like, and this is one of the most empowering tools we can give ourselves.

Make sure to check out this blog post to learn 3 of my favorite embodiment practices.


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