PCT Day 15-16

Day 15-16: hiking into town is always brutal. Your body and mind both know you’re about to get a rest and the last miles into town seem like eternity. Today I hiked 10 miles into Big Bear with Megan and Moritz. It made the miles go so much easier having people to talk to. I really enjoy their company. Once we got to the highway we waited about 20 min to get a hitch. A guy got dropped off near us by a friend. His Jeep had broke down and they were back to fix it, the Jeep started and we hopped in. He couldn’t take us all the way so we had to stop and wait for another hitch. An extremely beautiful and kind woman picked us up. Oh and she also had easily one of the most beautiful huskies, I’ve ever seen in my life, named Suki. Immediately I fell in love. We were starving so she dropped us off near some food, we went into Sandy’s the local bar and grill to order burgers, fries, and beers. A hiker usual! Typically you got the most food for the cheapest price with that combo. We sat in there forever eating more and more sweet potato fries and trying to find a spot to stay. There would be a group of us so we were looking for an Airbnb. Hopefully with a hot tub 👏🏽. Our server was so rad and was calling people he knew asking around for us. Finally we got one, with a hot tub! Zephyr met us at the bar then we headed out. Walking the miles to the house…or it’s what it seemed like. I was grumpy until I stepped into that shower. Later we went and ate some massive burritos for dinner before settling at the house. Day 16 was a 0 day. Spent the day resupplying and realized I hate bigger towns. We walked easily 4 miles to get food for resupply. We had more hikers join us at the house, Simon, Crocs, and Sante. We spent part of the afternoon eating in the hot tub. Then I ate my healthy dinner of chips, Oreos, lemon pound cake, and whatever else was lying around.



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