PCT Day 4

Day 4. My first official town on the trail, Julian! Alan and I hiked 6 miles to the road. It’s funny through the entire trail everyone says how easy it is to get a hitch if you’re a girl…..but I struggled numerous times. After standing out for a bit an older man who was hiking came and stood with us. As a Sheriff approaches he sticks his thumb out, and the rest of us were like NO it’s illegal. Then the Sheriff pulls over and bam offers us a ride to the town. It was the safest first hitch I could have ever imagined. Right when we got to town I went right to Mom’s Pies. They offer PCT hikers free pie, ice cream, and coffee. Freaking heaven! It was seriously the best apple pie I’ve ever eaten. While at the shop numerous other hikers came in. A couple of them were named Megan, from Bend and Moritz from Switzerland. These 2 ended up becoming my trail family! After Mom’s I headed to Carmen’s Place and got my first real dose of trail magic. She is a radical sweet woman who opens her restaurant for us hikers to hang in. I went in and was offered the most massive breakfast burrito! And a big hug! While there I met more hikers, the main one I remember in Bryden, who later became Simba. He too became a stand out person in my journey! After leaving for a bit I returned to Carmen’s and guess who was there?? Zephyr! I was so stoked to see him! I pretty much hung out in Julian a majority of the day before heading back out with Alan. In the heat of the afternoon we took off up onto a hot and heavily sun exposed ridge. I meant for today to be a near-0 but ended up doing 16 miles. I lost Alan along the hike and met Lake, from Israel. Super cool guy, who again I stayed in contact with throughout The hike. He ended up scooting on as well, being a fast hiker and I hiked alone to a campsite by myself. A nice place sitting between the hills. It was peaceful and perfect.



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